AWARDS: Best and Worst of the Week —  The Charter Review Committee and Raj Chahal

By Robert Haugh

The Good —  The Leg Drop Award: The Charter Review Committee worked seriously and quickly to put a charter change for new districts on the ballot in March 2020. Kudos to them:

District 1:  Benjamin Cooley

District 2:  Steve Silva

District 3:  Christine Koltermann

District 4:  Kathy Almazol

District 5:  Suds Jain

District 6:  Steve Ricossa

At Large:  Rich Bonito

The Bad —  The Jabroni Award:

Councilman Raj Chahal ignored the work of the Charter Review Committee and wanted the Council to adopt six districts by ordinance. That’s not only illegal it’s politically dumb. Chahal wanted to take power away from Santa Clara voters. 

One comment

  1. I’m not sure why the City council wants to keep fighting the judges ruling on this issue. Do you think he really meant for this order to just be in place until 2020. I think the right thing to do is vote on two options. Do we the citizens in Santa Clara want 3 districts or 6. I mean that would the easiest way to do it.

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