Suds Jain Forced to Recuse Himself from Downtown Issues, Contrary to His Campaign Promises Last Year

By Robert Haugh

During last year’s campaign, before he was a Councilman, Suds Jain told voters in his district that he could vote on major downtown development issues. He was wrong.

We broke the story last year on September 23, 2020, that Jain had a conflict of interest. His wife Lori works at Santa Clara University. The school is near some potential downtown developments and he could financially benefit from it.

Jain knew of this conflict as early as 2016. He was a Planning Commissioner and had to recuse himself from the University’s master plan because of his wife’s employment.

After our story, Jain told voters in the district and people active in Reclaiming Our Downtown that our story was wrong and he could participate in downtown issues.

We called him out on his false claims in a second story on October 15, 2020. Here’s the part of the story where Jain explains himself:

“In an email exchange, Jain’s wife, Lori, confirmed that she will retire from SCU in January, 2021.

“We asked Jain if that means he believes he can vote on SCU issues as early as February, 2021. He replied by email: ‘Yes, my answer is yes.’”

Now it’s April, 2021 and Jain can’t vote because of a potential conflict.

Last night, the Council got an update from the Downtown Community Task Force. Jain was told by City Attorney Brian Doyle that he could not participate in the discussion or vote on any actions.

Doyle said that Jain appears to have a conflict because of his wife’s income from the University. The FPPC would need to clear him to participate. Doyle said basically the same thing in our October 15, 2020 story.

It’s clear now that Jain knew about the conflict years ago but misled voters in his district about it.

Editor’s Note: Tomorrow we’ll write about the activities of the Downtown Community Task Force and other actions at the Council meeting including the criticism of Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe for not letting Councilman Kevin Park speak at a rally.


  1. I have known Suds for some time now and have had the distinct privilege of working closely with him on some city issues. I have found him to be a council member of high integrity and openness that helped move along decisive action with respect and professionalism. If there was a conflict or any issue, Suds would be the first to identify it and take action.

    • See our note at the end at the end. We will be writing about other topics from the meeting tomorrow. These have been extraordinarily long meetings with lengthy discussions.

    • This is so damn Eeyore sad. So pessimistic, gloomy, depressed, anhedonic, old grey stuffed donkey!

      Last night’s meeting demonstrated there is still no decision that District 5 has a Councilmember to represent them. Where is Bob OK when you need him?

      Good thing about not having Jain speak is it saves council time.
      I won’t be falling asleep before it’s over.

      I will be able to stay away despite the rain drops falling on my head.

      Eeyore, Eeyore.

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