Mask Required at All Indoor Santa Clara City Facilities Starting Today

By Robert Haugh

Today, the City requires  everyone regardless of vaccination status to wear a mask at all indoor City of Santa Clara facilities.

This new masking requirement is in effect because of the rising cases of COVID-19 and the highly transmissible Delta variant. 

The City’s new rule is consistent with the County’s recent public health order.  

However the City will allow some exemptions. Following CDC guidance, individuals exempt from wearing masks are children younger than two years old and persons with medical conditions or a disability that prevents wearing a mask.

The following City facilities will implement the new mask requirement: 

  • Santa Clara City Hall,
  • Senior Center,
  • Youth Activity Center,
  • Teen Center,
  • Community Recreation Center,
  • Reed & Grant Sports Park,
  • Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park,
  • Mission Branch Library,
  • Central Park Library,
  • Northside Branch Library,
  • Mission City Memorial Park Cemetery,
  • Santa Clara Police Department Building,
  • Fire Stations,
  • International Swim Center, and
  • Warburton Pool locker rooms.


  1. The Govt says you must wear masks when you do this or that and when you go here or there but at the southern border its “come on in we don’t care if you have oviduct. Whats that? do you need a mask? Heck no, only us stupid Americans that have been brainwashed to do as we are commanded. Whats that? you have traveled 4000 miles to cross our borders illegally and what do you do now? Just get on one of these hundreds of buses or those over there to take you to the airport for transportation to different cities in America secretly so that American citizens are not told openly about this because if they did they would vote to remove every politician from office Democrat or Republican who knows about this but say nothing.

  2. Right, Manuel, and why doesn’t the CDC care about the tens of thousands of people streaming across our southern border from who know where, all unvaccinated, and way too many we know to actually have the Wuhan virus. And the CDC says nothing but doesn’t mind sticking it to us, right? I call BS, they don’t care even a tiny bit about Americans.

  3. I always thought living in a fantasy land would be more fun.
    Look on the box of masks and the disclaimer says they won’t prevent you from contracting an infectious disease. Cloth face coverings are just that, a face covering. Even surgical masks are designed to reduce the chance of you spreading a disease not from you contracting it, so if you test negative there is no benefit. An N95 mask will prevent close to 95% of the particles from passing through but you very seldom see any of these being used.
    So why are we being forced to wear face coverings to prevent getting the delta variant that has less than 10% the death rate than the over reported covid? To keep us frightened and docile, IMHO.

    “Do N95 respirators provide 95% protection level against airborne viruses, and how adequate are surgical masks?”

    A short video of a lady reading the disclaimer on COSTCO masks. My box has a similar warning.

    • The Gov’t will always find a reason for us to wear masks. The ultimate reason for this is if you blindly follow
      the Gov’ts changing orders (mandates) we will just shut up and do what they command us to do.

    • There is *NO* medical justification to support this order. Paper masks neither stop nor impede this virus. Since they provide no protection for the wearer or others, why are we being ordered to wear a mask?

      If the same bureaucrats ordered everyone to wear a beanie with a propeller on it, would we obey them?

      But we can’t even ASK them questions, because debate is not allowed. And even if we could ask, their answer would be the bureaucratic equivalent of: “The decision has already been made, and it’s my way or the highway.”

      What’s the end game? Is there a concentration camp in the works for scofflaws?

      That’s ridiculous! So let’s laugh along with the other frogs. The water’s only simmering, so there’s no cause for alarm. They’re ordering us to wear masks for our own good, that’s all…

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