Disgraced Former Santa Clara Councilman Dominic Caserta Still Trying to Sue SCUSD for $38 Million

By Robert Haugh

Disgraced Former Santa Clara Councilman Dominic Caserta updated his 2019 lawsuit last week against Santa Clara Unified School District (SCUSD).

While running for a seat on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors in 2018, multiple allegations of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct came out against him. The allegations came from young campaign staffers and his female high school students.

After the allegations came out, Caserta resigned from the City Council and pulled out of the Board race.

Caserta landed on the Creep Sheet that year. The publication is described as “the most complete list of public figures accused of sexual harassment or assault.”

We wrote about Caserta filing a lawsuit against SCUSD two years ago.  He’s accusing his employer of inappropriately releasing his personnel info.

SanJoseInside.com wrote about the three new defendants Caserta added last week.

They are SCUSD employees librarian Seana Shelby, athletic director and head boys basketball coach Anthony McGilvery, and kindergarten teacher Rene Coleman. Coleman is the sister of Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor.

The amended lawsuit doesn’t say what these three people did wrong. 

Caserta is being represented by the only two lawyers left at the Mlnarik Law Group: Jim T. Erickson and Bill Winters.

The law firm looks like it downsized a lot after John Mlnarik was suspended for stealing money from clients.

We’ve shared Caserta’s lawsuit with a few local lawyers. They’ve told us that it’s “a poorly written conspiracy theory” and it’s an “unfunny joke.”

Caserta is suing SCUSD for $38 million. Wow.

That’s a lot of money that could be going to educating students. In fact, that’s about 262 times the amount Caserta was getting in salary and benefits annually from the SCUSD. The school district had to pay Caserta’s salary and benefits while he was on leave during their investigation.

Caserta claims in his lawsuit that because he was humiliated, he cannot be employed or get “lucrative work he has done in the past as a consultant.”

Maybe his lawyers forgot to tell the tobacco industry that. 

Caserta has been hired as a lobbyist to push flavored tobacco. He’s made some visits to Santa Clara City Hall recently.

Caserta met with Councilman Suds Jain twice, on April 13 and 19. He met with Vice Mayor Raj Chahal on April 22.

Dominic Caserta


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