49er Five Approve Over $55,000 in Santa Clara Public Funds for 49er Employee Junkets

By Robert Haugh

On Tuesday, the Santa Clara City Council acting as the Stadium Authority approved over $55,000 for 49ers employees to go on junkets.

The team says they will be marketing the stadium. But they’ve provided no reports to the City about past junkets. Those trips were also justified as marketing the stadium.

The location of one of the future trips for four employees in 2023 hasn’t even been announced. Wow.

The 49er Five approved the junkets, 4-2. (Councilman Raj Chahal was absent from the meeting).

Councilmembers Anthony Becker, Suds Jain, Karen Hardy and Kevin Park voted in favor.

Becker, Jain and Park received $3 million from 49ers CEO/Lobbyist Jed York in an independent expenditure help to get them elected in 2020.

Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe voted against.

Here are the trips:

  • $13,400 for a conference at Caesar’s Palace. This includes hotel, airfare and food for four.
  • $9,800 for a conference in Las Vegas in June — four stadium employees.
  • $11,600 for a conference in New Orleans — four stadium employees.
  • $10,600 for a forum event at a location not yet announced in February 2023 — four stadium employees.
  • $13,650 for an NFL Guest Services and Security Conference in D.C. — six stadium employees.

The 49ers have contributed no money to Santa Clara’s general fund for years.

Two months ago, the 49ers told the City Council that the City’s general fund will be getting zero dollars this fiscal year. Zero, again.


  1. I hope everyone pays attention to these meetings and remembers this when it’s time to vote!

  2. Why are we paying for the NFL Guest Services conference? Measure J prevents the City or Stadium Authority for paying for any NFL related activities.

    • A city atty might stop them, but… Can the city clerk be of some help?

  3. Suds isn’t very fiscally responsible when it comes to the 49ers. How green is it to spend taxpayer dollars on a boondoggle press junket?

    Suds is a Sham!

  4. They just keep rubbing our noses in it, don’t they, the phony phorty niner, phive.

    • You’re as good as the protagonist publisher phishing phallacious phlawed protests purporting public premiership problematic.

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