Responding to the Personal Attacks by Santa Clara Councilmembers Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy

By Robert Haugh

Editor’s Note: On Friday, Santa Clara Councilmembers Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy posted a comment on the story about them receiving gifts from the 49ers. A few readers suggested I respond to it since it also included a vicious personal attack on me.

Here it is with my comments in italics in pull quotes:

Time and again you have been proven wrong about the lies you spread about others.

Chahal and Hardy don’t point to any examples of “lies.” If I make a mistake with my reporting, I correct it. But it doesn’t happen often.

You were accused of child abuse and if at that time someone called you a chiled [sic] abuser you would have been angry because the matter was within the legal process. (We never called you a child abuser at that time and we should not). 

This is clearly a cheap shot personal attack by Chahal and Hardy. For the record, my ex-wife made false allegations against me during a messy child custody dispute. The charges were dropped.

This is a similar case, any resident has a right to complain to FPPC about an issue and the respondent has the right to reply to the accusations. While the FPPC is looking into this complaint it does not mean that the accusations are true. Both of us have replied to the FPPC complaint on July 5, 2022 and we are confident that we have not violated any FPPC gift laws.

Chahal and Hardy confirm that there’s an FPPC complaint which was the point of the story. So what’s their problem with the story? Former City Attorney Brian Doyle clearly documented their violations at a City Council meeting. They may be confident they didn’t violate gift laws. They may also be wrong.

In the capacity of Stadium Authority Board members we were at the stadium on 11/15/2022 for an operational tour not as a game spectator. We are unclear why seeking legal advice is a problem.

Again, they confirm the facts of the story. They were at the game. They did not pay. And they have sought legal advice. So what’s inaccurate? What Chahal and Hardy don’t say is that they were never authorized by the Stadium Authority to do an operational tour. And the SCPD unit at the stadium that night did not know Chahal and Hardy were on an “operational tour.”

You sent us an email on Thursday 7/21/2022 at 10:04 pm seeking our comments and published these fake accusations at 4:57 am on Friday 7/22/2022. You know that most people during these seven hours (10 pm to 5 am) are sleeping, but because you are biased and have an agenda, you published your version of the situation without facts or input from us.

It’s true that I didn’t give them much time to respond before the deadline because I got late-breaking information. But I clearly stated that in the story and wrote I would update the story or let them write an oped if they wanted to respond.

You have also written the following on your blog:

“Chahal and Hardy have received gifts from the team recently without reporting them.”

If you had decency you would not make unfounded accusations. What gifts did we receive – can you please let us know? 

Yes, it’s clearly in the story and based on the documentation laid out by Doyle. Chahal and Hardy attended a 49ers game and got a special pass which they did not report. That’s an FPPC violation. Taking a pass from the 49ers violates Santa Clara’s lobbyist ordinance, too.

God has given us more than what we need and we are here to serve the residents of the city, not to take any gifts from anyone. Also note, both of us have not accepted gifts from 49er since we started our political stint in Santa Clara. Whatever events we have attended we have fully reimbursed 49ers or any other affiliated organizations. You probably have records of us reimbursing these organizations but you chose not to mention that fact because you have an agenda and operate at the behest of others.

Raj Chahal & Karen Hardy

I do not have records of other events and haven’t written about them. But now I’m interested. Will you please send me the reimbursements for those events?


  1. I read Santa Clara News Online, but never comment. It is clear that the make-up of our city leadership is so far below what we deserve. It is also clear that pretty much everyone I know has noticed this. The only things these newer council members have going for them is 1) 49ers backing and 2) citizens so busy maintaining their own lives that they don’t have time or energy to follow the municipal soap opera.

    In this response, Robert answers every snarky (and revealing) statement/claim from Jahal and Hardy. Most disturbing are the comments (and from Ms. Grizzle) about his personal life. People reveal their true selves one way or another.

    Robert, you are touching nerves, which is exactly what a good journalist does while staying within the facts. Keep it up!

  2. Who else in Santa Clara is standing up for Santa Clara against the 49ers? Certainly not the Santa Clara Weekly, they are water boys for Jed.
    So the only one standing up becomes a lightning rod. Thanks for being here, Robert.

  3. After reading another edition of What He Said/She Said thanks to PRA 21-640. Caserta, Jain and Becker… perfect 3 some. Amazing how vested they were in Haughs case. It’s almost as if these 3 along with their Daddy Jed paid Haughs wife to file FALSE charges against him. They seemed so sure they were taking him down. Bribing witnesses and perjury fits perfect into these scumbags skillset

  4. Who would listen to Mary Grizzle, maybe Gladys Kravitz. Mary has laughably positioned herself as some kind of power broker for the Reclaim Downtown Group. Mary like her uncle should be the last person to imagine the downtown for our future generations.

  5. Mary, who do you think you are saying these things to Robert? You are a low life. Keep drinking the Koolaid!

  6. Becker to Jain: Haugh is going to far. So this isn’t the first time I’ve seen Becker use incorrect grammar or spelling. Obviously it should be too far. Not a good look for someone that wants be mayor. Also to the f’n losers that tagged the fountain at Franklin Square, I hope you get severely beaten and they throw your low class in prison

  7. Time for another edition of What He Said/She Said thanks to PRA 21-640 and Suds Jain:

    5/18/2021 10:34 AM
    Dominic Caserta to Suds Jain:
    Morning Councilmember. Ignore Haugh! He will be convicted soon enough. When will the tobacco issue be heard at council tentatively?

    Editor’s note: Caserta was working as a lobbyist to get disgusting flavored tobacco ok’d to be sold to ruin our students! And he calls himself a teacher?

    5/18/2021 10:44 AM
    Suds Jain to Caserta:
    Haugh’s anonymous trolls are very trumpian. I mostly ignore them but occasionally have to defend myself. No word on when tobacco will be on the agenda. Don’t see it on the tentative meeting agenda

    Editor’s note: Caserta seems confident of Haugh’s conviction. And when is your trial date, Mr. Caserta, for your forgery and falsifying financial statements at Foothill College?

    05/19/2021 6:48:32 AM
    Becker to Jain:
    Haugh is going to far

    05/19/2021 6:55:17 AM
    Jain to Becker
    Lisa’s getting her money’s worth of hits. Will look really bad if Haugh’s court case rules against him.

    Editor’s note: everyone is out to get Robert Haugh and Lisa Gillmor!

    05/19/2021 6:56:12 AM
    Becker to Jain
    Yeah his trial was delayed other day till June 7 Catching all the breaks I tune into to every hearing

    Editor’s note: Robert Haugh sure is taking up a lot of room in people’s heads. What is the attraction especially when they keep saying “Don’t read or respond to Robert Haugh!”

    It’s great to use the 49er 5s own words against them! Thank you again PRA21-640! And there’s more!

    • Mary may God forgive you and Raj for spreading lies about people who were fired for NO cause thanks to Raj Chahal, Karen hardy, suds Jain, Anthony Becker and Kevin park and Jed York.

    • This arrogant attitude extends beyond just the 49ers.

      Representatives Chahal and Hardy wrote: “…we are here to serve the residents of the city…”.

      City residents have repeatedly asked you and other Council member this question:

      Why are Santa Clara residents still being denied a vote on converting half the traffic lanes on Pruneridge and other city streets into practically unused bicycle lanes? The decision to begin this conversion was done without a vote of the affected residents, and every such request since then has been completely ignored.

      If, as you say, you are honestly serving the residents of our city, please take action on this. Under the proper order of business, please move to give city residents a binding vote asking whether more public tax money should be spent to convert existing traffic lanes into unused bicycle lanes.

      City residents need to know where their Council members stand on this issue, so if you honestly “serve the residents of the city,” please arrange for a binding VOTE, asking city residents if they want existing traffic lanes to be eliminated, and replaced with bicycle lanes.

    • Mary – They’re crucifying themselves. Robert has nothing more than simply expose their actions.

    • No forgiveness for Mary!! Spreading evil mean unforgivable lies about good people. No place in heaven for Mary!! Shame on you.

  8. Hardy on an “Operational Tour” is about as believable as Russia’s “Special Operation”. It’s a football game at a football stadium – what really is there to see?

    I wonder if they (and Becker) will claim food on their modified Form 700s. Any gift of value must be claimed (parking, merch, etc), not just the tickets to get in.

  9. What wouldn’t Mary do for the downtown effort. Sorry to let you know, not in your lifetime.

  10. Mr. Haugh… ugh, sorry you have to put up with this stuff.
    Know full well our City needs you, as well as other residents to continue to stand up for what is right for our City.
    Just remember no one pays attention to anyone or anything that does not threaten them. Sounds like you have their attention.

    Burt Field

  11. Raj Chalal wrote that during his free game he observed “Public safety team, Fire Safety team,Traffic management team, Public safety/jails team, Food distribution operations, Ground operations, Other misc. operations teams.” Excuse me, but doesn’t everyone attending a 49ers game observe all or most of these things? (I particularly like the “food distribution operations.” Perhaps he ate a few chili fries?) If that’s what it takes to obtain a free ticket maybe the 49ers should hand out free tickets to every attendee?

  12. Your case was dismissed without prejudice, not dropped and that means the DA can still refile the charges or bring new charges. Also, Raj Chahal has an exemplary record of being honest and forthright. You should wait until all facts are in before posting derogatory innuendos about people.

    • Mary,
      The charges were dismissed and there is no intent for charges to be re-filed.
      I can confirm this with 100 percent accuracy with verification from the DA and the police investigators.
      I have posted nothing derogatory. It’s all based on facts.

    • Mary stop listening to Raj’s lies. Many
      people know about the lies you have
      spread thanks to Raj about Deanna
      and Brian. Shame shame shame!

      Mary didn’t you say on a past
      blog that you don’t read Robert’s
      column anymore because
      of “lies”? When was the last time
      you told the Weakly to pound salt?

      Keep up the great work, Robert!

    • You have truly drank all of the proverbial Kool-Aid from the 49er Five with their promises of a shiny new downtown, nothing but political campaign B.S.! How long until the Becker for Mayor and Hardy and Chahal campaign signs pop up on your lawn?

    • Wow Mary sounds like you know something? Are the 49ers trying to take down Robert again in an attempt to shut him down? Like the bogus lawsuit in 2020? Like the bogus lawsuit in 2018 against Lisa and using scapegoats like Robert’s ex and Exline? Are you the next scapegoat Mary? You already are.

  13. That for the accurate reporting. I feel it is vital as a Santa Claran to know what our elected officials are doing, not just in their words. Sorry you have to take such a personal hit to bring us the real facts.

    We need to get to the bottom of the officials supporting the 49ers at the cost of the Santa Clara taxpayers.

    • Thank you Robert for your accurate reporting. This forum allows us residents to know what is going on without Jed’s spin.

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