City Council Preview: Anthony Becker Wants to Discuss Complaint Against The Related Companies After They Created Committee to Support Lisa Gillmor

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s Santa Clara City Council has several routine items. 

Councilman Anthony Becker, a mayoral candidate, wants to place an item on a future agenda (October 4) about The Related Companies and prevailing wage issues. It’s a complaint the Union of Painters made with the Department of Industrial Relations.

Interestingly, Becker made a the request the week after learning the company created an independent expenditure committee to support Mayor Lisa Gillmor’s campaign.

In closed session, the Council will discuss potentially selling the Loyalton Ranch property. 

Here are other  items:

  • Closed session — Conference with Legal Counsel-Anticipated Litigation Exposure to litigation Number of potential cases: 1 Facts and Circumstances: Not disclosed on agenda (Deferred from September 13, 2022)
  • Closed session — Conference with Real Property Negotiators (Property: East of Loyalton and West of Cold Springs in Sierra and Lassen Counties Negotiator: Rajeev Batra, City Manager (or designee) Negotiating Parties: California Department of Fish and Wildlife Under Negotiation: Purchase/Sale/Exchange/Lease of Real Property (provisions, price and terms)
  • Recognition of Northern California Cricket Association (NCCA) USA National Interleague Tournament
  • Public Hearing: 2021-2022 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER)
  • Public Hearing: Actions on the Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) and the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP), General Plan Amendment from Community Commercial to High Density Residential, Rezone from General Office (OG) to Planned Development (PD), and density bonus agreement to allow a multifamily affordable housing development with 108 rental units at 1601 Civic Center Drive
Anthony Becker


    • Wonder if Becker regrets that hit piece that someone wrote for him? Hypocrite much, Becker? Yes. Pot.Meet.Kettle. Hypocrite.

  1. What about the 49er wage theft? He was silent about that – add that since he is now so concerned about wage theft. SMH

  2. November 18, 2020.

    While Jain was attacking the poor design of Levis saying its lighting creates “a mini sun” from Portola Valley, Becker was approving massive sign design for bad labor. Trumpian Related.

    Becker led it.

  3. The Public Hearing for the 1601 Civic Center Drive project – this will be a NIMBY fest. Tune-in to see their playbook (ie. no water, no electricity, save the birds, traffic, density, no police services). Will be a free circus.

    • LOL 1984!!! This is precisely the point!

      NIMBY neighbors speak-up on (ie attempt to stop) projects with their perceived issues when they have no real knowledge about any of it; other than what they saw on Fox News. Instead they should learn to listen to the experts in the room OR, even better, read the reports from the experts, that were written specifically about the project.

      That would save us all a lot of time – thx!

  4. Becker Baby
    Well I’m pretty confident you will get the necessary votes to get whatever you want to do. You are that important….. Anyone doubt it, just ask Becker Baby and he will tell you just how important he is.
    I mean this guy is running again to be our next Mayor. This is the same guy who only got 30% of the votes in his only District. And that was with a lot of $$$$$$$$$ thrown his way.
    Hail Mary Pass, you really you think this is going to work? You think the Millions of Dollars that the “40 Whiners” are spending on you guys is going to make the same impact it did last time?
    Santa Clara has woken up, you all are now known entities
    Each time you take a swing at either our Mayor, Police Chief, or lone City Councilperson it just proves how little you know about your own City.

    By the way, when was the last time you heard any real Santa Clara Resident ask about changing the Election of our Chief Of Police to an Appointed Chief Of Police?

    Burt Field

  5. The fppc findings will be stalled until after the election, along with the FOIA requests which are illegally being denied by the law firm personally representing city council members – the exact same law firm that the city council voted on retaining with no public input acting as the defacto vacant city attorney. Mind boggling that the 49er 5’s own personal attorney is also allowed to represent the City of Santa Clara. Again, where is Jeff Rosen and our Civil Grand Jury, and even the California Bar Association?? The 49er 5, and the law firm dually representing them as individuals, being one and the same law firm, is rife with conflicts of interest. If somebody out there with real pull/influence is reading this, please try and have this information released that is being withheld for political reasons, until after the election. Tens of thousands of Santa Clara citizens would be forever greatful. 👍 Thanks

  6. Fat boy is looking for another pay day?
    This is a witch hunt.
    Doing the bidding of labor now?
    SJ Spotlight? 49ers? Or all 3?
    Stop embarrassing yourself.
    You have already proved you’re
    nothing more than a shill.

    • Let us discuss

      Three active FPPC cases on Becker, one staff generated. One naming him, one he is a witness.

      The board members of San Jose Spotlight who are active political consultants including Victor Gomez, fined 9000 by FPPC for paper committees, who worked with Caserta, housed him in Hollister, and is working with Becker on cannabis.
      One board member of SJ Spotlight who got a large 49er check for his boss four years ago, or the board member working with Jain.

      Hmmm, let us talk.

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