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  1. Mr. Haugh, it should be you that is being thanked.
    So let me tell you… THANK YOU!!!
    I have had a front row seat to some of the biggest BS in our valley’s History.
    Santa Clara has been under siege ever since we pulled that “Trojan Horse” into our City….
    So much good was promised, so many positive benefits to be had and shared. Why would anyone ever think to vote No on Measure J?
    Well, here we are… just a few years later.
    What is really sad is there is no putting the “Genie back in the bottle” (Can I say this, is this a threat?). What was promised, and what was delivered have now made going back no longer an option.
    Soooo what do we do? Well, first off, we must continue to fight.
    This last election I was introduced to so many great residents. Really great things can happen when good people get together and fight as one.
    Yep, I said it… Fight as one.
    Our Mayor Lisa Gillmor defeated a very weak opponent. Let’s not waste time trying to explain how the “40 Whiners” could not find a better shill to front, but I would suggest next time, spend less money, and work on getting someone who has at least a legit chance to win……at anything. Heck, winning a game of Tic-Tac-Toe, or Hammer-Rock-Scissors is even a real stretch for this ????? .
    So Mayor of any City in the United States, and yet he was within 1,000 votes of being our next Mayor.
    That’s what we are up against. Are we all ready to pull together and show who we really are?

    Thanks again Mr. Haugh
    At worse you have allowed me to vent some frustration every now and then.

    Burt Field

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