Assemblymember Ash Kalra Wants California to Name an Official State Mushroom

By Robert Haugh

A few days ago, Assemblymember Ash Kalra introduced a bill that would establish the California Golden Chanterelle as the official state mushroom. Yup. No kidding.

According to the text of AB261: “This bill would establish the California Golden Chanterelle (Cantharellus californicus) as the official state mushroom.”

According to a reliable Sacramento source, Kalra is taking the lead on this issue for personal reasons. Even though there are more important issues in the state, Kalra wants to be known as a “fungi.” 


  1. Karla is such a waste of a Congressman. With all that’s happening in politics, economy, culture wars, world wars, etc – is this all he has to think about?? Mike Honda was 100% better.

    • Man, put your glasses on.
      Kalra not Karla.
      State assemblyman.
      Glad he isn’t Santa Clara’s.

  2. He must of smoked a few of the shrooms with Becker. Messed up his head. Just like his bad hair plugs.this is what we’re paying politicians to do? 🙄

    • Shroom. You get a cigar. You hit it. Kalra endorsed and raised money for Becker.

    • How many other dingdonngs have taken $$$ from the 49ers or been elected with their $$$ like the 49er 5? Jed throws $$$ everywhere. DUI Kalra isn’t the only idiot. Even our Guvner Gav has. Everybody is sale for the right price. Government sucks at all levels.

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