Santa Clara Business Leader Replays Indicted Councilmember Anthony Becker’s Statements to Document His Lying and Hypocrisy

By Robert Haugh

On Tuesday Night during public presentation, Santa Clara business leader Kirk Vartan asked Indicted Councilmember Anthony Becker to resign.

Vartan is part of a long list of people who have done so since District Attorney Jeff Rosen and Deputy District Attorney Jason Malinsky brought charges against Becker for leaking last year’s Grand Jury report (a misdemeanor) and lying about it under oath (felony perjury).

During his 3-minute presentation, Vartan played clips of Becker’s previous statements that show the indicted Councilmember’s lying and hypocrisy.

Vartan uses just a few video clips of Becker. But they’re all really damaging.

Santa Clara News Online has also documented Becker’s history of abusive behavior.

Local legal experts are split about how relevant Becker’s problematic behavior will be during a possible trial or potential sentencing.


  1. Dear Community,

    From my position here in the East Valley, this reflect exactly what Council Woman Carrasco did to a Citizen when her Office ‘Claimed’ that the San Jose Department Police told them not to talk to that Citizen.

    After reaching out to the Captain, who said go talk with Chief Garcia, with said got the Independent Police Auditor, who then went to Internal Affairs, and came back with the finding that the original message was not true.

    I had to start a Suit against the City to get confirmation of this statement about me, kind of like Vartan.

    My point is that Santa Clara is experiencing this action now.

    Santa Clara might want to ‘nip this problem in the bud’s.

    Otherwise, like San Jose, those abusive do nothing Councilmembers, when out of Elected Office, be hired by their old hired Staff, in a Council Office – as Advisors – on the Taxpayers Dollar.

    Paying Political Debts is what I think the 49er-5 represent.

    After being here over 64 years, it’s sad to see.

    That is my opinion.

    In Community Spirit,
    Danny Garza

    • Paying Political Debts is what I think the 49er-5 represent.

      Danny! You are sooooo spot on. As a political student, I gotta say when I did research on PACs and who benefits, there are so many frickin’ electeds in CA who have received money from Jed York and his cronies. So many! The Governor got moola’. In our own backyard you got Ash Kalra, Susan Ellenberg, Evan Low, Marc Berman, Cindy Chavez (cough, cough), even the South Bay Labor Council and Mark McGuire in the North Bay. Citizens United needs to come back.Democracy will be a thing of the past pretty soon and CA will become FL. Just sayin’.

  2. Yep, Kirk vartan did a great job using Becker’s words to incriminate him even more. And then Kevin Park used the opportunity to attack and mock Vartan again….

    • Are young people helped because of people like Craig Larsen, Burt Field, Kirk Vartan??

      The answer is yes.

      Park? Becker?


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