Indicted Santa Clara City Councilmember Anthony Becker Faces Trial in March 2024

By Robert Haugh

Indicted Santa Clara City Councilmember Anthony Becker is scheduled to go to trial in March 2024 for leaking a Grand Jury report to the 49ers and lying about it.

Becker was charged in April 2023. At that time Becker claimed he needed more time to find a private attorney instead of the public defender who was assigned to represent him.

Becker also waived his right to a speedy trial months ago.

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Daniel Nishigaya believed Becker and gave him more time.

That was 153 days ago.

It now looks like it was a dishonest, delay tactic by Becker.  

Becker is still represented by a public defender Christopher Montoya who may try to get the trial delayed even longer according to press reports.

Santa Clarans who regularly watch City Council meetings know that Becker frequently complains about how he has difficulty with finances. Most people don’t believe that he can afford to pay for a private attorney.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Becker left his job as a content moderator earlier this year.

Becker earns about $2,000 per month as a Councilmember and may have no other employment, especially now that he’s been indicted.

While Becker remains on the Council, he continues to collect his paycheck and vote on major issues, including those having to do with the 49ers.

If convicted, Becker could face up to four years in prison and would lose his City Council seat.

Anthony Becker with his public defender, Christopher Montoya


  1. Hey this is great! Looking forward to seeing Jed York and all his corrupted cronies on the witness stand being questioned by the DA! Submit questions to the DA!!!!

    • Add the “publisher of things false and fraudulent” Miles “I know not what I write” Barber to that list of witnesses. Recently seen lunching at Vito’s Trattoria with Jed York. In San Jose? Didn’t want their relationship seen in Santa Clara? Did someone have a tape recorder nearby? A meal with the devil doesn’t end with the meal no matter how long your spoon. Gee, which one would be considered the devil?

  2. Good article. You forgot to mention the curious fact that Becker attended the Taylor Swift concert. Who paid for those tickets?

  3. Well, we the people voted for him and seem incapable of doing anything about the mistake.

    This weasel gamed the system perfectly

  4. Yet Becker has time to file an fppc complaint and park in franklin square parking lot and snap photos of mailmen

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