Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor Delivers 2023 State of the City

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor delivered the 2023 State of the City last night at the Mission City Center for Performing Arts at Wilcox High School.

The theme of the event was “Strength in Diversity and Pride in Community.”

Here are the 2023 District and Citywide Community Award Recipients:

  • District 1: The Agnew’s Museum docents – Kathleen Lee, the late Pat Hannum, the late Norm Holder and his wife Judy, Gretchen and Jim Hill, Jeff Mardesich, and Angela Vrbanac-Libby
  • District 2: John Brooks
  • District 3: Todd and Shanti Dickson
  • District 4: Killarney Farms Swim Center –Kelly and Jonathan Ernst, Spencer Davis, Carol Bryson
  • District 5: Jonathon Evans
  • District 6: Wesley Mukoyama
  • Citywide: Diana Ding


    • Suds doesn’t understand why people get elected. Don’t forget he could have attended council meeting re Randy lamb project remotely – an important project in his district- but chose to be absent. Suds only priority is Suds and his benefactor – Jed York. He would never have been elected save for Jed York. How gauche.

  1. Interesting to be talking about Portuguese. At one time, in better days, Santa Clara was mostly Italian and Portuguese. We are the people that have the longest history here, we are the most important . Santa Clara should still be the Mission City. District 5 should be District 1. It is an insult that north siders, mostly newcomers, be called District 1. We need to return to traditional values.

    • You mean longer and more important than the Tamien Nation? You’re a perfect example of Caucasian descendants claiming someone else’s native land as their own. I’m also of Portuguese heritage but no one in my family ever proclaimed to be the rightful inhabitants of Santa Clara County or the Central Valley. Your “values” are exactly what Santa Clara needs to move away from.

  2. So sorry Santa Clara Council Member Watanabe.
    Currently I can’t think of a greater insult, to any Santa Clara Resident then to be linked in any way to the current “49er 5”Council Members.
    Go Niners!!
    No really, I wish you would just Go!

    I want my City back. I also don’t want to hear from “super duper” intelligent individuals who continue to try to tell me that all I allowed to respond with is, “Thank You Sir, May I have another”.
    Just 31 more years of this mess.

    We went from
    Santa Clara
    The Center of What’s Possible… to…

    The Beatings will continue until moral improves.
    Register to vote please, it’s our best chance to make a statement they can’t buy or sell.
    Filter content by who is sending it to you.
    DeBartolo or York, read, understand what they want us to do, then just do the opposite.
    Sorry, I’m just a former Parks and Recreation Commissioner who somehow was removed….
    Still waiting to hear why.
    Tip, we already know why.
    Burt Field

  3. Becker gives Mukyama the community award after that 49er minion sued the City and took all that money? What a buffoon. SANTA CLARANS ARE NOT RACIST, Mukyama! The 49ers were behind the whole thing to control districts and benefit their cause. All morons!! People are seeing the light!

    • Anothet doug chan buddy. Check dr john york in sf at meeting promising to fund political groups

    • Mr. Mukoyama has apparently lived a life of service in the Peace Corps and as a clinical worker in the Veterans Affairs system caring for America’s wounded warriors. He didn’t make money on the lawsuit. The old, ejected, city council spent millions of dollars fighting the California Voting Rights Act. Referring to Mr. Mukoyama as anyone’s ‘minion’ is disrespectful.

  4. Unbelievable how Gillmor’s mostly anonymous minions like to twist everything. Our chief information officer Michelle Templeton asked us to walk out during the last song of the Portuguese band. It seemed a little odd to me but she was in charge of the show.

    • And when you’re told to jump off a bridge are you going to do it? Dont you know right from wrong?

    • You left after the ktvu camera was turned off and escaped from facing your constituents.

    • Scrubs, sounds like you—’cause the Real Juds Stain complains continuously about “anonymity.”

      First, why did you have to throw Michelle Templeton under the bus??? AND NOT ANONYMOUSLY!!! That would have been the decent thing to do.

      Second, as to the first point, as an MIT grad you couldn’t hack engineering and your demeanor suggests to BLAME others, like Michelle Templeton.

      Third, you lack testosterone or morals, or both. If YOU thought it important not to insult a slice of our Community (i.e., Portuguese folk), wouldn’t your gut instinct reverberate “no thank you, I’ll stay.”

      From afar. you demonstrate nothing that Santa Clarans hold dear.

    • Ol Wes was offered a seat on charter review committee in 2011
      Offered chairmanship.

      By the same crew you lampoon

  5. Kathy Watanabe did not leave before the band finished. She stayed and showed respect to the them. The other 5 got up and walked out. I found it totally disrespectful. I was there.

  6. How rude was it that the 49er 5 got up and walked out while the Portuguese band was playing? For everyone to see?

    • @Jerry A. You mean the 49er 6? Kathy Watanabe got up with them as well. Apparently they went into the lobby to receive attendees who were leaving the function.

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