49ers Advertise Its Own Economic Impact Study, But City Has Received Almost Zero Dollars for Concerts Since 2018

By Robert Haugh

The 49ers did their own study to show the economic impact of Levi’s Stadium.  No surprise they concluded it’s a big number.  

The team bought full page ads in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Mercury News to tell everyone about it.

According to their economic study, they’ve contributed more than $2 billion to the local economy.

Economists have done studies before on sports stadiums.  It’s debatable how much of the impact is actually new money or dollars that would have been spent on other entertainment opportunities in the area.

Also, economists believe other facilities can generate more income for communities. 

(When I was covering the stadium campaign in 2010, I remember that the City did a study that showed a corporate campus would generate more tax revenue than a stadium).

The 49ers ad was signed by the team President Al Guido.

This is interesting because at the last City Council meeting, it looked like Guido was in the witness protection program.

City Manager Jovan Grogan would not disclose Guido’s name as the person who signed the FIFA World Cup documents for the Bay Area Host Committee. It was blacked out in redacted documents that City staff gave to the Council and the public.

The document and commitment is important. They obligate the City to “a lot of crazy things” according to City Councilmember Suds Jain.

The study looks like it was put out to hide the fact that since 2018, the 49ers have paid the City almost nothing from major concerts.  

For the last fiscal year, it was zero again.


  1. 49er Smoke Screen

    49er own economic study for the Bay Area. Now what about the city of Santa Clara economic impact. The city of Santa Clara pays the stadium mortgage, maintenance and other cost related to the stadium. The surrounding cities pay nothing. It’s not Apple to apples, it’s more like apples to rotten bananas. We pay the bills and they enjoy the profits. Guess who’s holding the rotten bananas. As President Biden would say “Come on man”

  2. Do you think the $546 Million in local wages includes the high paid players??? They are being paid locally so that isn’t an unreasonable question.

    • If the 49ers are so valuable to the community, then why did they encourage Becker to committ a felony? Report was being made public in two days? When Matthews resigned, the 49ers begged for Lg. Why did Suds Jain conduct 67 secret meetings? Why was Burt Field thrown off?

      What harm?

      Like any corrupt regime, fear rules.

  3. Hi… I’m Al Guido President of the San Francisco 49ers

    Let me just take a minute to tell you all, who really want to know, just what a great job myself and the rest of the Fantastic Leadership Group of the 49ers are doing.
    Just to make sure you all know, The San Francisco 49ers are a wonderful, caring, philanthropic group who want nothing but the best for everyone associated with us.

    Let me repeat, All is good, there are no problems here at all.  Everyone is happy, everyone is excited to see what is next in line for this great company that I am President of.

    Thanks for 10 years of a very successful, symbiotic relationship that any Professional Team should be proud of having with it’s host City.

    Al Guido
    President of the Best Professionally run Sports organization in the World!!!  
    Every City should have the honor to have such a Great Sports Organization call it City, it’s home.  

    Just to be clear…
    Billions of dollars are going to everyone else, we are just so humble and honored that we can be such a great neighbor and make everyone’s life just that much better.  
    Santa Clara is our home for the next 30 plus years, and we just want everyone to do great.

    Really, not kidding I want everyone to prosper.  Don’t worry about us, we will be ok, we will somehow find a way to make it all work out for us.  Just wanted to let you all know just how much of a positive impact we have made on this City.  

    I really mean it.    

    Look around … look at what I have done for everyone else.  No problems at all, money is just pouring in, everyone is getting paid, everyone is making bank!

    All is good, no problems here at all.  

    So Mr. Guido
    I have just one question.  

    1.  How is the relationship with the City of Santa Clara?  
    Kind of a Fair Question.    

    In addressing this one question please note some obvious areas of concern.  
    a. Residents of Dist. 1, your closest neighbors.  
    b. Infrastructure (current, future) 
    c. City Run Programs (current, future)
    d. City Budgets (current, future)
    e. Police Dept (current, future)
    f. Fire Dept 
    g. Local Government and please do not waste any time mentioning any of your members of your 49er Council currently in office.  
    h. How do you plan on replacing the current 49er Council Member who is set to go to trial on the Felony Count of Perjury to the Grand Jury.  You know who he is, you turned him in.  

    Yes, No problem here at all.  All is good.     

    Burt Field

    • Yeah, guido is doing such a great job he hid his signature on the fifa doc so residents wont know he screwed them until its too late. and fired santana and doyle for no cause.

      What a way to do business: mafiosa style.

  4. Incredible shenanigans. So how come auditor for city couldn’t get information last week to do city report but the 49ers conveniently gave information to a sports economics company that made them glow?  

  5. Study was done by Rauscher, an economist who wants college players paid. Interesting fact. TORONTO FIFA BID. FIIFA required stadium bidders to pledge not to disclose commitmens. Oh, Newsome appointed one of his former consultants to US Senate. That firm only lost one campign. 49ers bid in support of Becker.

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