A man known as Otto takes the position as a starter at an Illegal street race in South Central Los Angeles early Saturday morning. //ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: LAR.streetracing.0919 Ð 09/12/14 Ð ED CRISOSTOMO, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER-CCI-Id: B64271307Z.1 LAR.streetracing.0919 ===== Story Contents ===== WeÕre going to be going to an illegal street race with Fabian, a member of the International and National Brotherhood of Street Racers. First, weÕll meet in the Rite Aid parking lot. There, people will gather with their cars. Fabian will not show until 11 p.m. or so, but he told us to get there early. We could get there a bit later though. Photographer should call reporter Jordan Graham to discuss. Fabian said we should be good to take photos in the parking lot because the people will not be doing anything illegal. At that point, he said we can be pretty open that we are with a news organization doing an article about cars and racing. But he also said we should get permission before we photograph anyone. WeÕre not allowed to say that we are at a Rite Aid, which city weÕre in or even photograph street signs or the Rite Aid sign. Fabian said that police and other racers will use these clues to locate the meet-ups. He is vouching for us and other racers donÕt want that unwanted attention. Next, Fabian will join us and heÕll take us to the racing spot. There, weÕll hang out as people race. Only take photos of people and races who agree to be photographed, and again, no street signs or license plates. Fabian said we should make the captions a bit vague, too. Say that we are in South Central Los Angeles. I can give the photographer details on Fabian. Expect to stay out until as late as 4 a.m. The night could end earlier, though, depending on the action.

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