BREAKING NEWS: Caserta Denies Charges by His Students of Sexual Advances and Inappropriate Behavior as His Campaign Consultant Resigns

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara City Councilman Dominic Caserta had his supervisorial campaign put out a press release to defend him against charges of sexual misconduct that appeared earlier today in

Dominic Caserta
Santa Clara City Councilman Dominic Caserta.

In the press release,  Caserta says “I unequivocally deny these allegations.”

Caserta believes that because there’s only 28 days until the June supervisorial primary, the story is politically motivated. That’s an interesting defense since the allegations are from two of his own campaign workers.

He also slams the Santa Clara Unified School District for releasing information from his personnel file without his consent.

The press release is in a different format than other Caserta campaign press releases. There’s also no one listed as a contact. That’s unusual for a press release.

But that’s probably because Caserta’s campaign consultant Laura Teutschel resigned today. Here’s her brief letter:

“Dear Mr. Caserta,

In light of the latest allegations of sexual harassment, I am resigning as the consultant to your campaign for Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, effective immediately.”



  1. To those who say that Dominc Caserta’s inappropriate behavior “would have been reported a long time ago” if true… Please don’t victimize his victims a second time. Read the articles, the charges, and the interviews with those who have suffered under his watch. Caserta’s behavior toward his students (the flirting, touching, bullying, etc.) have been discussed extensively for many, many years in the Santa Clara community, going back to his first run for city council. Somehow, he has managed to escape being publicly called on the carpet for it. There ARE facts supporting these allegations against him. And why has the SCUSD apparently shielded him from the consequences of his actions for so many years and left the students (whose safety and peace of mind should be their first priority) at the mercy of this sad excuse for a teacher?

  2. Rumors regarding Caseta’s behavior towards his female students has been circulating for years. Perhaps, in some instances, the level of sexual comment, innuendo and conduct did not rise sufficiently to a threshold to be officially reported. It would take a female high school student with incredible guts, determination and lack of fear to make such a report. Let me offer some instances. These are as told to me by former Caserta students. These are women, now married with children, I’ve know since their childhood.

    During the 2014 campaign when Caserta ran for City Council, during discussions with neighbors, former female students made unsolicited comments. It was interesting how often the term “creep” and “pervert” was mentioned by these women regarding Caserta. They said how Caserta would hover uncomfortably close behind the seated, more well-endowed girls with low-cut tops. Girls who didn’t fit Caserta’s favored “type”, were ignored. One parent said she was present on a Monday when Caserta said to the boys “Did you get any last weekend?” referring to sex.

    I asked why they didn’t make a report? Among their comments were: “I was a Senior and just wanted to graduate”, “He’s been there so long who would believe me?”, “I just wanted to pass his class and move on” and “I just didn’t want to deal with it”.

    Unfortunately, Caserta’s conduct towards his female students never rose to a level to be discussed during the 2014 campaign. Finally, his former students are coming forward. Thank you, ladies!

  3. Who is left to write the letter? Caserta!
    He has plenty of experience writing as other people in Santa Clara News!

  4. Don,t turn this in to a rag check your facts before you put it out if Dominic did this it would have come out a long time ago not now as a hit piece

    • James Lee, with all due respect research sexual harassment. The reason that most women do not report these incidents is fear of reprisals. Usually it finally takes 1-3 women to be incredibly, super humanly brave to relive these horrible instances. Then the floodgates might open up.

      There should not be a “statute of limitations” on this as the sexual predator affects their victims so much that they often do not feel worthy enough to stand up to the predator.

      Please do not help in the “Victim Blaming!”

      (Especially if this is Caserta posting as “James Lee”)

    • James Lee. Are you calling the persons who so made the statements identified in the San Jose Inside piece, liars?

  5. Mr. Caserta’s political career is dead. Mr. Caserta’s teaching career is dead. Mr. Caserta’s personal life is dead.

    With all this death, it’s important to know what psychiatrist call the 5 stages of death of dying.

    Denial — that’s his press release and reflects the natural instinct of a self-centered person
    Anger — that’s the next stage for him when he’ll blame the world for his troubles
    Bargaining — he’ll get to that at some point. The District Attorney may force him to get there more quickly than normal.
    Depression — that comes when he realizes what he’s done to himself.
    Acceptance — This may take a decades, but he’ll get there. Everyone does.

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