The Santa Clara News is an online portal where you will find hyper-local coverage in and around Santa Clara, CA. News on municipal government, elections, arts & entertainment, local sports, professional sports, community events, crime and anything else we feel relevant to the Santa Clara community. You’ll also read guest opinion columns and editorials at times. Feel free to contact us or send us news tips. This site will constantly evolve as we build up this news outlet. This site was founded by Robert Haugh, a Silicon Valley journalist who has covered an array of topics in an around Santa Clara and the Silicon valley for over 15 years.

Additional contributors include Joshua Habito, Betsy Megas, the City of Santa Clara and City of Santa Clara Police Department.


One comment

  1. I stopped reading the Santa Clara Weekly. I enjoy this website much more because I get the local news daily and the writing is better and sometimes even funny. It reminds how bad the writing was in the Weekly. The Milestones column used to put me to sleep. I’m glad you’re covering local politics and pointing out the ridiculous stuff that gets printed in the Weekly. Keep up the good work.


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