New Artisan Bakery Opens in Santa Clara With Some Award Winning Dishes

By Robert Haugh

Croissanté, a new artisan bakery, recently  opened in Santa Clara. 

The pastries are super delicious and a nice addition to the Mission City culinary scene. They offer a wide variety of delectable concoctions ranging from sweet to savory. Don’t be surprised if Croissante is a bustling place very soon. 

The bakery offers more than 70 items, including several croissants such as White Sesame & Honey, Cloud Meringue and Kaya Coconut Matcha. They also serve breads, scones, pies, donuts, mochis, cakes and seasonal fruit items.

The bakery says quality starts with the dough. 

According to management, “we make everything from scratch daily in our store, using premium and healthier ingredients, to create high-quality and outstanding flavors.”

The flour is imported from France. 

Unlike many bakeries that bake only in the morning, Croissante bakes fresh throughout the day, so items remain freshy. When arriving, guests can see the ovens at work in real time.

Brunch options include heartier items like Croque Madame, Shakshuka (savory tomato dish with bell peppers, onions and spices baked with two eggs), Burrata Avocado Toast, paninis and more. 

The bakery also offers fresh coffee like lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos. 

Seasonal items will vary based on availability of fresh fruit and ingredients. 

You can follow Croissante on Instagram at @croissante_bakery. Croissante is located at 2908 El Camino Real #100 and open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

Try the Chocolate Almond Croissant or the Burrata Avocado Toast. They’re both tasty dishes and win the much-coveted Santa Clara News Online Leg Drop Award

Welcome to the Mission City, Croissante.


  1. Thank you for reporting on this. I had no idea about this bakery opening. Santa Clara needs more restaurant options, and I happy to say after my visit today, I will be returning to support them. We had delicious croissants and coffee.

  2. SC has a totally corrupted city council and is under criminal investigation – this is the insider news I need. Not news about fresh croissantes and bell pepper paninis. I demand better from this free blog!!

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