San Francisco Chronicle Wins Journalism Award for Stories About Santa Clara Battling 49ers, Mercury News Doesn’t

By Robert Haugh

Kudos to the San Francisco Chronicle and their team of investigative reporters Ron Kroichick and Lance Williams.

They won a California Newspaper Publishers Association award for their coverage of how Santa Clara is battling the 49ers.

“These awards reflect our unyielding commitment to serve the people of the Bay Area with best-in-class journalism,” said Chronicle Editor Emilio Garcia-Ruiz. “There has never been a more important time for local news organizations to step up and deliver for their readers.”

Of course, it’s ironic a San Francisco paper is winning awards for covering a story in Santa Clara.  

That should be a big and embarrassing wake-up call to the Mercury New. Our “local” paper has traditionally done a really bad job of covering the Mission City fairly and accurately.

To add to the Chronicle’s CNPA award for their Santa Clara coverage, Santa Clara News Online is presenting the paper and Kroichick and Williams with the coveted Leg Drop Award.



  1. Great news!
    Award just for 2022?
    Hope they get Pulitzer
    Prize for 2023 and every
    year it takes to tell this
    Incredible story of greed.
    And a National Book award
    when they write their book!

  2. I am very glad to see this award. Several months ago, I dropped my subscription to the Mercury News and subscribed to the Chronicle for this very reason. I no longer trusted the Mercury News based on their abysmal election recommendations regarding Santa Clara City Council and Mayor races. It was not like the truth was not right there in front of them.

  3. Guess their reporting wasn’t considered fake news. Huh, Becker? Unlike the Weakly, Murky, SJFlashlight and SJDowmside.

    • Howard, thanks for the link. No surprise that the only newspaper I subscribe to is The Chronicle.
      After reading the great article I posted a comment.
      1. Thanking them for being my main source of information.
      2. I then mention how I was treated the other night.
      My hope is to get the word out just how vindictive, stupid and immature these 49er 5 are.
      It’s a scary, steep, slippery slope when you start to remove residents from volunteer positions just because they voice a opinion that is different than theirs.
      Last time I looked, this was the United States of American.
      As far as I know, Santa Clara sits well inside its boarders.
      I can clearly see better days are ahead for the residents of Santa Clara.
      I can also see a Bright New Orange Jumpsuit being picked out for Mr. Becker.
      How ironic, a person Indicted for Perjury from the Grand Jury sat in judgment of me.
      Yea that really happened.
      Thanks Burt Field

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