49ers and City Staff Won’t Disclose FIFA World Cup Agreement or Costs for Santa Clara

By Robert Haugh

The San Francisco Chronicle published a story last week that was a bombshell.

Reporters Ron Kroichick and Lance Williams have been trying to get information on what the City or others are responsible for when the 2026 FIFA World Cup games are played in Santa Clara.

But they’ve been blocked by City Staff.

According to the Chronicle, City Manager Jovan Grogan “who was hired in May with the backing of the 49ers-friendly majority City Council” will not give information to the newspaper or the City Council.

Instead, he and City Attorney Glen Googins, who was also hired by the 49er Five, are giving the Council heavily redacted documents.

According to the Chronicle, “the numerous redactions include key information such as the stadium rental fee that FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, and the U.S. Soccer Federation agreed to pay the 49ers.”


Mayor Lisa Gillmor told the Chronicle: “Much of the substantive info is blacked out or missing, so it was a very weak effort to show transparency because there’s so much missing from that document,” Gillmor said in a Chronicle interview. “What troubles me is they even blacked out the signature. There are also exhibits that have not been provided.”

Double wow.

The Chronicle got information easily from other cities who posted their documents online. Seattle expects to spend $10 million. Los Angeles projects spending $100 million. Vancouver has budgeted $100 million.

This is really good reporting. We can see why the Chronicle has won an award for it’s coverage of what’s happening in the Mission City. 

It’s too bad their stories are behind a paywall. But they are clearly the “paper of record” for how the 49ers are managing Levi’s Stadium and taking over Santa Clara politically.


  1. Stay off the pitch! It isn’t a question of qualifications, is it? It is about who can be trusted to have the city’s interest in mind instead of the crime boss’s interest. If we allow jed to appoint the Chief we would be in even worse trouble. Consider that we are supposed to own the stadium but the mayor can’t even get the financials for an upcoming event? How much more do we need to know? Dump the five and keep the Chief accountable to the people, not jed york.

  2. Let’s make sure we tax all of those World Cup attendees so we can get our fair share. I hope there is widespread support for this inside city hall.

    • Tom Calvello, weren’t you the one who said Thomas Calvello’s 6% Tax wasn’t a tax?

    • In general I am against taxes but this is an exception. If you’re a Santa Clara resident you should be all for it. Who are you “taxation ” ? Use your real name since you seem to know so much about what I’m trying to do. You afraid?

    • Why would I be for more taxes? I attend many events and don’t want to be taxed for going…

  3. Can “our” City Staff at least try to give some indication why it has failed share such important and vital information?
    What and who are they trying to protect?
    Who is paying for what, and who is not paying for what?
    How can this be something that we are not allowed to see or understand what our financial obligations are????
    My hope is there should be at least one good reason why they are not willing to be Open and Transparent.
    If not, who are they trying to protect if it’s not our City, or it’s residents?
    So……on another topic…..
    How many more examples do we need to see why it’s not in our Cities Best interest to allow the 49er Council to appoint any more members of our City’s Leadership Team.
    What subject is currently on the City’s Charter Review Committee?
    Oh yeah…the 49er Council is currently working hard to convince us all just how stupid we all are for wanting to still elect our Santa Clara Police Chief and Santa Clara City Clerk?
    Suddenly there is no problem or issue with attempting to showcase every possible example why it would “benefit” our City.
    Can you begin to see why I have my concerns with my City being run by a local company?
    Can someone tell our City Staff who they still work for and who they are suppose to serve and protect.
    This is beyond crazy.

    Burt Field

    • Burt, you’re rambling. From what’s being reported, it appears residents want a professionally educated body to review candidates and select the most experienced and highly certified professionals for both city clerk and police chief. You’re on the losing side of the pitch, amigo.

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