City Council Preview: Review of Stadium Events, Security & More

By Robert Haugh

Tuesday’s Santa Clara City Council meeting should see plenty of fireworks. And it’s been almost three months since July 4th. 

The meeting is devoted solely to overdue topics surrounding events and public safety at Levi’s Stadium. Have your popcorn ready. 

Here’s the agendized items:

  • Closed Session: Threat to Public Services or Facilities — consultation with Santa Clara Police Department Assistant Chief Derek Rush and Captain Richard Fitting
  • Public Hearing: Accept the report on the Santa Clara Stadium Authority’s Non-NFL Events’ documents by JS Held, LLC
  • Public Hearing: Accept the report on the analysis of Past Stadium Construction Fund and Public Safety transactions conducted by JS Held, LLC
  • Public Hearing: Accept the report on the Review of the 2019 College Football Playoff Game Revenues and Expenses performed by the PUN Group.
  • Public Hearing: Informational report on Super Bowl LX updates
  • Public Hearing: Informational report on FIFA World Cup 2026 updates
  • Public Hearing: Informational report on July 2, 2023 Concacaf Gold Cup at Levi’s Stadium and Event-related impacts
  • Consent Calendar: Conference with Legal Counsel-anticipated litigation — exposure to litigation: One case – not disclosed on agenda


  1. I am a Niners Season Ticket Holder. Right at the opening of Levi’s Stadium. We used to have Security over looking each section during the game. For any suspicious activity. At each entry point of the section. That was taken away and now we have a major issue with stabbing’s and fist fighting. It is probably about saving money and to Hell with Customer Safety!

  2. Anybody else notice this?

    As there are no comments on this post as I write, please allow the following observation(s) regarding our Beloved Santa Clara:

    In the History of the City of Santa Clara, the city has had a Seal that is vibrant, welcoming, nurturing, inspirational, and full of life, with Blue Skies above the Mission of our namesake.


    Yet, the 49er 5 cast a pall upon public proceedings by using a Seal of the City of Santa Clara that depicts a dark sky behind our Mission City, perhaps to suggest subliminally that the Tyrant Yed Jerk and his minions are telling Santa Clarans: “lights out, dummies.” Kinda like Darth “Suds” Vader.

    The Seal in the City Council chambers under which the 49er FIVE collude EXUDES an intent to extinguish the livelihoods of us Citizens.


    God Save Santa Clara!

    • Ms Warren.

      It has 45 days since Kevin Park was asked to share any emails he sent to staff regarding the swim center. He has asked for 2 WEEKS to hand them over. WHY??

      BECKER, PARK, AND JAIN turned a 49 page complaint against the soccer club


    • So sorry Jo Warren….
      I have been busy cleaning up all the “stupid mud slinging”.
      The term “Throwing mud against the wall” was invented by others who must have had to deal with similar situations.
      How about Beeker resigns and the other four 49er Council Members start to focus on our City…..but in a positive way. How about making it better for us, you know the residents… the ones who actually voted them into office. What a crazy thought, but just imagine how our City might once again flourish once we actually start to make decisions that benefit our City, and not worry about one Multi Billion Dollar NFL Franchise
      I know, just a crazy thought.
      Jo Warren, thanks for all you do, let’s work on getting more people registered to vote.
      Sounds like a better use of our time for sure.

      Burt Field

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