Indicted City Council Member Anthony Becker Fails to Do Homework Before Filing Ethics Complaint Against Nonprofit

By Robert Haugh

Indicted City Councilmember Anthony Becker filed a complaint against Stand Up for Santa Clara alleging that they violated FPPC laws by not filing as a nonprofit organization and helping Mayor Lisa Gillmor during her re-election campaign in 2022.

It looks like Becker didn’t do his homework.

Santa Clara News Online did some research and discovered that Stand Up for Santa Clara is filed as a legitimate nonprofit organization. It took about 60 seconds to do a search on the California Secretary of State’s website.

But Becker wasn’t the only one who didn’t bother to do the search.

San Jose Spotlight and the Silicon Valley Voice both reported Becker’s allegation and complaint without checking it.

Both organizations are considered 49er friendly and close to Becker according to transcripts released by the District Attorney with the Becker indictment.

Becker allegedly leaked a Grand Jury to Carolyn Schuk of the Silicon Valley Voice and Ramona Giwargis is considered a reporter that the 49ers go to for favorable stories.

The Mercury News also reported Becker’s complaint in a page 1 Local section story without checking the fact.

That’s not a big surprise because the publication has a history of skewing stories in favor of the 49ers and their supporters.


  1. Suds,

    Burt Field has done more for this city than you, or any of your 4 minions on the council put together.

    You should all be tried for conspiracy.

    You 5 are allowing Anthony Becker, indicted for serious felony charges, to continue on as his role as a city councilmember. Allowing him to make decisions and voting on issues regarding the 49ers and the citizens. Becker is compromised and is in a position to be further compromised in the decisions he makes by the 49ers, who are the shot callers.

    Look at Senator Bob Menendez, indicted recently for bribery. The reaction from his FELLOW democrats is for him to step down!!!


    • Observation, with you 100%

      BUT RESIGNATION is a coward’s way out.

      I suggest that the heavy gears of justice slowly grind Tony Becker to guilt, which will spill upon to others of the 49er 5.

      Once the Felon serves time, there are other of Jed’s Five to join him in prison.

      And Jed walks free…

  2. News flash. Fppc regs show stand up did nothing wrong!! One active 2020 case on becker. Two advisory on jain dealing with conflict of interest. Five active on park
    One on york, 2020
    Blupac. 24000k fine. Blupac legal counsel rich robinson.

  3. I find it very odd that I have a document from the California Secretary of State “Statement of Information CA Nonprofit Corportation” filed 1/19/2023 and signed by Phil Alne that lists Burt Field as the Chief Financial officer. I wonder what Burt Fields defines as a “quite some time”.

  4. Interesting that Stand-Up For Santa Clara has been operating for years, buying ads on Facebook and yet they decided to file initially in Sept 2022 in the middle of an election. What FPPC number were they using before Sept 2022 for all the ads? Finally why is the same residential address on the filing being used for both Dana Caldwell and Burt Field? It seems that filing papers were signed under penalty of perjury but there seems to be incorrect information on the forms. Once again struggling fired wanna-be “journalist” Robert Haugh is writing highly biased opinions to support his benefactor Lisa Gillmor? Why isn’t he investigating who gave the Grand Jury report to the POA and SF Chronicle?

    • Ginny Brown will not look kindly on Jain’s attempt to politicize. Ps, what eic number was used in complaint, and what public assistance programs exist for amputees?

      Civil rights protectiom is available, picture snapper.

    • Suds,

      Any issues that might exist with Stand Up For Santa Clara’s activities should be fixed. Everyone should abide by laws and everyone should operate with transparency.

      Nobody is investigating whether or not the report was leaked to the POA or the Chronicle because there is no indication that those parties had the report leaked to them. You speak as if it is fact but do not share what you base this assumption on. Neither of them did anything that required having the grand jury until after it was already written extensively about and even made publicly accessible by the parties Anthony Becker leaked it to.

      And it seems that whatever problems there might be with Stand up for Santa Clara’s paperwork is minor. Any problems should be corrected but they seem minor.

      They are definitely trivial when compared to you and four other councilpeople taking pains to circumvent the Brown Act and have private meetings with the Forty Niners. A corporate special interest with multimillion dollar conflicts of interest with the city. A corporate special interest who spent millions of dollars benefiting the political careers of the same five councilpeople who took pains to keep meetings with them private and unrecorded and not even attended or witnessed by professional city staff.

      They are also trivial compared to you admitting in grand jury testimony that you knew that Anthony Becker had leaked the report to the Forty Niners and Carolyn Schuk of the Silicon Valley Voice. You knew that your council ally had abused the powers of his office in this way but said nothing until you were called to sworn testimony by the grand jury. It seems you knew that your council ally had in fact committed perjury and said nothing until it came time for you to admit the truth or commit perjury yourself.

      This is not behavior that shows transparency and adherence to principles of integrity.

      Until you are much more transparent and free from the appearance of influence from big outside money you are not in any position to be making a big fuss over eight thousand dollars in Facebook ads or clerical issues like mailing addresses.

    • Hey Genius,
      Wake up…look into your own Household before you start to toss rocks at others. Maybe take a few minutes to take an inventory of where you are at, who you are with, and where you are going.
      By the way
      I’m not involved with Stand Up For Santa Clara, have not been for quite some time. The address is correct, but you knew that!! You were just trying to test me to see if I really knew where I lived.

      Burt Field

    • Suds, he who is without sin should not cast stones. Put your stones away until Becker’s trial is over.

  5. Mr. Haugh, what you are saying actually takes some time… effort.
    Please…. I mean why should Anthony Becker even bother when you can just sit back and throw “Mud against the Wall”.

    I mean you even stated it took you a full minute to find this information.
    Are we suppose to expect people as busy as Anthony Becker to spend 60 seconds of their life doing the proper research before they throw incorrect, unsubstantiated accusations around?
    Wait… this is the same person who is under Indictment for Perjury from the Grand Jury!! Ok, now this all makes sense. These tactics are often called a “Hail Mary Pass”. Becker should know what that is. For sure his employer does. They used it 9/28/ 1987.
    Montana to Rice, beat The Bengals 27-26.
    Go Niners,
    As for you Mr. Becker….just go.

    “Orange is the New Black”.

    Burt Field

  6. Interesting.

    1) complaint alleged stand up was using EIC. Did not list EIC used.
    2) complaint referenced previous fppc complaint filed on stand up. Complaint dismissed.
    3) complaint had photos of gillmor office
    No mailing sent to gillmor address
    4) complaint had becker, park (5 active fppc cases), jain. Signed.

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