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  1. Mr. Haugh
    So who is going to let everyone in Santa Clara know what is going on??? The Chronicle … but they are based in San Francisco.
    Should I check in with the SC Meekly, SJ Murky, or SJFlashlight?
    Enjoy your time off, I can see you getting a lot busier in the near future.
    What our City needs is a Hug a “Sock Puppet” Day.
    Someone has to tell Beaker that he is ok, that he is doing just fine.
    Remind him that Orange is the new Black.

    Also it appears the “40 Whiners” have decided to wash their hands of dealing with this former 49er Council Member.
    My only suggestion is to keep the warm water running, you will want to wash your hands multiple times. His hands are really dirty.

    Burt Field

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