Council Update: Council Approves Tasman East Specific Plan, Rejects Pomeroy Avenue Development

By Robert Haugh

The council met for the first time in about a month. So they had to stay up later than usual — until around 11 p.m.  They’ve been spoiled the last few months. But they got a lot done last night. Here a the big items:

  • The Council adopted an ordinance that would prohibit several activities in a “protected area” during the week of the 2019 College Football National Championship Game. It’ll be played at Levi’s Stadium in January.  They did the same thing for the Super Bowl in 2016. You’ll have to buy unofficial (or fake) merchandise somewhere else.
  • A proposal to develop eight homes at 1530-1540 Pomeroy Avenue got shot down 4-2. Councilwoman Teresa O’Neill and Councilman Pat Kolstad were the only supporters. These homes have been controversial and a lot of the neighbors showed up to protest. The majority of council thought it was too much development for the neighborhood and for the street which is really busy and near Pomeroy Elementary School.
  • The Council extended the temporary ban on all commercial cannabis activity to June 30, 2019. They’re still working on regulatory language. Last week, Mission City residents overwhelmingly approved Measure M, a vote establishing cannabis taxes.


  • A Specific Plan was established in Tasman East. It’ll house approximately 4,500 homes and have 10 acres of open space.  But there are a lot of different landowners and developers in the Specific Plan area. So it won’t happen overnight. Existing businesses can continue to operate as is. That’s good. We like Carl’s Jr.  The Planning Commission wanted to add more density and more traffic mitigation. Planning Commissioner and Councilman-elect Raj Chahal sent a letter asking the Council to make amendments. But it went nowhere. The Specific Plan and EIR passed 5-1. Only O’Neill voted against.
  • City Manager Deanna Santana provided a written summary of her first year of service. We’ll spend some time on it in a future column.  But we’ll take this opportunity to say happy one-year anniversary, Deanna Santana. You’ve been busy. (Note to City Manager: next time order a cake.)


  1. Dear Just,
    If you have a case to make use relevant facts.
    Raj won with 53% of the vote.
    You probably don’t realize this was the first time we have had district elections and I recommend you read more of Robert’s Santa Clara News to keep up with things.

  2. Since this was the first city council election by district, the total votes per candidate can’t be compared to the prior at-large elections.

    • You mean council elected in district elections shouldn’t be taken as seriously as those voted at large? Personally, to get the vote of the City weighs a lot heavier than just getting vote of a district.

  3. You have to wonder why Teresa O’Neill is voting against the residents in her own district for the oversized 1520 Pomeroy project. Kostad was the only other one that liked the project.

    Then Teresa is the only one who votes against the Tasman East plan we’re all the density should be.

    She had an explanation but I’m still left wondering why. What is Teresa’s agenda?

  4. Chahal was probably ignored because he has the lowest vote total in council election history. And his ideas make zero sense.

    Just a Guess

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