Related Santa Clara Moves Forward to Develop a New Uptown With Timber Construction

By Robert Haugh

The Related Company’s megadevelopment in the Northside is taking shape in a big way.

It’s was once called “City Place.” Now, it’s called “Related Santa Clara.” Obviously, we like the new name.

Yesterday, at the City Council meeting the Development Area Plan (DAP) 2 for Phase 2 of the project was approved on a 6-0 vote.

Related also showed off some really neat drawings of what they want to do. 

The architect is world-renowned architect Sir Norman Foster who was announced last year.

He and his firm Foster Partners also designed Apple Park in Cupertino.

The centerpiece looks like it’ll be a “global food market.” It’ll be about the same size as San Francisco’s Ferry Building Marketplace

It’ll also be the first timber building in Silicon Valley, according to Related. Wow. 

Timber is a fire-safe building material. It also absorbs carbon and is good for the environment. 

It’s considered by experts to be better than steel for the future of construction.

This will be a great new uptown for Santa Clara. 

Let’s hope we can revitalize our original downtown, too. Then, we’ll never complain again about not having enough places to eat — or order take-out.

Note: Mayor Lisa Gillmor left the meeting after the first half. Vice Mayor Karen Hardy presided during the second half.


  1. Here’s an example of a community benefit from a developer “In October 2016, the Irvine Company donated $250,000 to the City to purchase a Bookmobile to restart and update bookmobile to the City. “

    • Across from Levi’s Stadium. On the parcels that once were parking lots and the golf course. Centennial Way, Stars & Stripes, all off of Tasman. Next to the Convention Center and on Former landfill property.

  2. This is going to really place the Santa of Santa Clara as a high end shopping destination.
    I love that The City of Santa Clara will have a downtown area where the locals residents can enjoy a smaller intimate shopping and eating area.
    The uptown shopping atea will draw a larger crowd and have a variety of shops, restaurants and other facilities to draw in tourism and also a great place to visit prior to concerts and football 🏈 games at Levi Stadium.
    The building materials that will be used will not be just made of timber,my goodness building materials have to pass a certain amount of fire retardant material, earthquake ,environmental protection etc.
    Inspections will be made at every stage during the building process.

  3. Harbir Bhatia called in to question timber construction. She thinks it’s a fire hazard. Oh gawd she’s clueless. And she’s running for City Council!

    • She blinded me with science!! Not!!

      And she works for a has been developer delivering community benefits??!! Whats the benefit?!! Whoo hoo!

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