Santa Clara Council Meeting Goes Late Again, Council Majority Won’t Reconsider Police Service Cuts

By Robert Haugh

Last night, was part 2 of this week’s Council meeting. The new Councilmembers take a long time. They don’t seem to know City issues well and they’re contentious.

The Council meeting went late last night, too late for our deadline. Look for an update tomorrow.

One thing happened last night that’s worth mentioning: Resident and former Council candidate Bob O’Keefe asked the Council majority to reconsider police cuts.

But Councilmembers Karen Hardy, Raj Chahal, Suds Jain and Kevin Park refused.


  1. What is the recall process? These council members are not acting in the best interest of the citizens.

  2. We can be sure that Bob would never act like a Suds.
    And some voted for and supported Suds because he has govt experience on committees. Too bad it didn’t leave him with any common sense.

  3. So three out of the four 49ers backed council members voted to make our city less safe. It is therefore a great irony that the same 49ers devour public safety resources for their games, f#&king over the rest of the city.
    All of those serious crimes committed at levy’s stadium need to be investigated by our police departments detective units thereby taking away even more substantial resources for the citizens that live here, in addition to all the resources devoted to a football game. The council members who voted to defund our police department need to be recalled. The main job of our government is to provide safety for its citizens, not to a billionaire and his team for football games.

    • You make a great case supporting the city and we all know the niners literally could not care less.

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