City Council Preview: Possible Censure of Kathy Watanabe and Admonishment of Lisa Gillmor for Offending Kevin Park

By Robert Haugh

Tonight’s Council meeting features many items held over from the last Council meeting because the new City Council couldn’t get through all their items in a reasonable period of time. A major issue will be the attempt by the Council majority to Censure Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe and Admonish Mayor Lisa Gillmor for offending Councilman Kevin Park.

  • Proclamation of June 2021 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+) Pride Month
  • Verbal Report from City Manager regarding COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Study Session to review Proposed FY 2021/22 and FY 2022/23 Biennial Operating Budget and FY 2021/22 Capital improvement Program Budget Adjustments and to review the Proposed FY 2021/22 Municipal Fee Schedule
  • Report from the City Attorney on California Voter Rights Act (CVRA) Litigation (Continued from May 25, 2021)
  • Stadium Manager’s Proposal to Add Stadium Builder’s Licenses to Temporary Field Seats in the North and South Endzones of Levi’s Stadium (Continued from May 25, 2021)
  • Action on a Establishing the Average Per-Acre Land Values and Updating the Parkland In-Lieu Fee Schedule for FY2021/22 for New Residential Development (Continued from May 25, 2021)
  • Public Hearing on Adoption of a Resolution Setting Rates for Overall Solid Waste Services and Annual Clean-up Campaign in the Exclusive Franchise Area (Continued from May 25, 2021)
  • Council Discussion and Direction on the 2021 Redistricting Process (Continued from May 4, 2021)
  • Action on a Written Petition Submitted by Councilmember Anthony Becker Requesting a Public Apology to the Residents of Santa Clara for the CVRA Lawsuit
  • Action on Censure of Councilmember Kathy Watanabe and Admonishment of Mayor Lisa Gillmor. (Editor’s Note: We ran an opinion piece on this issue yesterday.)


  1. It’s great to hear from BJ after a sobers up. The sneaky San Jose attorney that’s trying to do in Santa Clara. Didn’t you help Suds with his voting issue? Oh yeah he still can’t vote on downtown issues.

    Well that’s 5:00 somewhere…

  2. Just remember that many of us are not interested in social justice issues. In fact now that water has become scarce, let’s stop building more housing.

  3. Screw Kevin Park. He’s dull and boring for any race. Nobody wants to hear his boring crap.

  4. BJ Fleck,
    You may not understand why some might not use their name, but I do. Especially in the cancel culture of today. You, of all people should understand that.
    And does anyone, yourself included, really think that Park didn’t get to speak at the Asian event because he is Korean? Do you really? If you say yes, you are looking not too smart. No no one does, but some pretend to so they can play the race card.
    And speaking of being transparent, is it true you do work for York or people directly connected to him? Did you help with the York takeover of Santa Clara? That would explain your obsession with Santa Clara politics.

    • As you should know, I was the attorney for the opposition to the stadium subsidy for the 49ers billionaire owner. Jed York or affiliates hiring me? Evidences how little you know! Lol! So get your facts right. Most on this blog supported that stupid idea where every other City who did same, got screwed. You didn’t listen. So now, Santa Clara is stuck.
      The City can keep being spent into deficits or get real.
      It’s just damage control. Civic leaders like Gillmor and Watabane were among the biggest cheerleaders for this foolishness. Fact. All other Councilmembers opposed subsidy for a NFL billionaire. Who, therefore, has better proven judgment? Obvious, no? The “5” current Councilmembers who opposed the billionaire subsidy from the outset, of course.
      As to me personally, ask my supporters/detractors. Bert Field, Tony Silva. Yep You will find no one questioning my integrity nor honesty nor doing right based on facts.
      It’s just damage control going forth. Unfortunately most Santa Clara voters took the bait/hype. AMA so long as you use your real name.

  5. This censorship and admonishment is a disgrace and a embarrassment for the citizens of Santa Clara. Their’s some council members that need to grow up and look at themselves and their past actions. A sad day in Santa Clara.

  6. Why don’t posters use their name? Seems contrived if they don’t. Doesn’t it?

  7. As the past president of Sister Cities, Raj, just stop with the BS! You are attacking two people who wholeheartedly support Sister Cities. As a board member snd parent, i saw first hand how Lisa and Kathy care for people of all races. Sister cities got a Limerick sister city under Kathy and cities from India and Cuba were knocking on the door to join our Sister Cities. People see and feel the ❤️ In Santa Clara Sister Cities! When Kevin Park was with Sister Cities he did nothing except complain, cause issues and attempt to get a Korean sister city but that went no where.

    Please stop this nonsense. MANY people are watching and WILL NOT FORGET!

  8. I can’t imagine Becker wrote his petition himself. No use of crayons is proof.

    If Anthony Becker can last his whole term, this will be the longest job he’s had in his entire life. Now that’s worth one of those stupid proclamations. I guess it’s good to have a real homeless person as an advocate on the council.

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