Facebook Forced Jed York to Take Down “Santa Clara Now” Ads, But They’re Back With Deceptive Ones

By Robert Haugh

Last week, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Facebook forced Jed York to take down ads for Santa Clara Now.

The organization claimed to be a nonprofit but it didn’t really exist, according to the Chronicle. It looks like a front group for York and the team. 

An early ad disclosed that 49ers CEO York was behind it. This was one from early this year:

Because of this advertising campaign, York was forced to register as a lobbyist because of the requirements of the City’s lobbyist ordinance. 

York was using ads to influence the City Council’s decision on supporting the FIFA World Cup bid. That triggered his requirement to register.

Ads recently appeared to push for the City Council to accept the 49ers’ offer to settle their lawsuits against the City.

Here’s one, but it’s paid for by the team and not York:

The settlement discussions don’t have anything to do with Levi’s Stadium concerts and the stadium curfew. So the ads are interesting. They’re also really deceptive.

So would anyone really believe the support that comes in from these ads?

Maybe. Some Councilmembers (and reporters, unfortunately) are believing the numbers that the 49ers are putting out about the settlement. There’s no evidence that it’s accurate.

The team has refused to open its books as required by their City agreements. So the team’s numbers can be made up and deceptive. Just like Santa Clara Now.


  1. Bill, don’t know you, but I like you!
    What would I give now just to go back a few years and rethink some major decisions. Or better said… just one decision.
    Think just how much better our City could be right now if we just didn’t believe a person could lie so easily to so many people.
    Crazy, but I was raised to believe a man’s word meant more than anything else.
    If only I could press the “Reset Button” once in my life, I’d gladly press it right now,
    It’s scary to think just how much time and energy we have already spent just trying to undo this one mistake.
    I would bet, that no City with a NFL Franchise is treated worse than we are!
    And yet they still wants more and more and more….
    I love My City, and anything our Mayor or Lone City Councimemer asks me to do… consider it done.
    Burt Field

  2. Gillmor must got some real goods on 49ers for Jed to take such drastic measures. Money talks Jed and sometimes too much. You have revealed your hand. No poker face. Maybe put money into counseling?

  3. Read the excerpt below from an article linked below.Jed York admits he has a problem with the Mayor Lisa Gillmor. Why? He won’t say it but she is holding him accountable to promises made to Santa Clara.He is no community partner like he thinks he is. He has taken millions of tax monies from SCUSD, community college and City. He thinks throwing a few thousand here and there will make up for it. “Look at me! I giveto schools!” BS!!

    So what does he do? Starts a phony FB group to slander a strong woman who stands up for her City. He “hires” Councilmembers to do his bidding. He MUST protect his empire of billions of $$ made on the backs of Santa Clarans. What a man. What a leader. The Mayor has gotten under his skin and beating him at his game. She should be running the organization! She would have earned them that Super Bowl ring they have been chasing since Jed took over!

    Give it up Jed! You’re a loser!

    • York on the team’s continued wrangling and outright political battles with parts of the Santa Clara city council and mayor Lisa Gillmor over the management and accounting at Levi’s — and the recent $3.3 million settlement offer from the 49ers to end the jousting:

    “I think we’ve had a good relationship with the city. I think there’s probably one specific person on the city council that has chosen to fight this fight. We’re going to be a good community partner. I hope that we can get this wrapped up for everybody just to move forward. And we can all focus on things I believe are more important. We’re going to continue to be a good community partner whether or not certain politicians decide they don’t like us.”


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