SPECIAL REPORT: Witness List Regarding Indicted Anthony Becker Includes His Mother and Another Santa Clara City Councilmember

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara News Online has evaluated the prosecution’s “witness list” that reveals who was called before the Santa Clara Criminal Grand Jury for the case against indicted Councilmember Anthony Becker.

In addition to District Attorney personnel with criminal expertise and members of the Civil Grand Jury, it looks like there are four other key groupings.

Interestingly, Becker’s mother was called before the Grand Jury, as was Councilman Suds Jain.

Here’s the witness list:

49ers Executives and Consultants

Elena Caple, San Francisco 49ers Communications & Public Affairs Director

Maggie Carr, Milltown Partners

Rahul Chandhok, San Francisco 49ers Chief Communications & Public Affairs Officer (recently left the team to work for US Soccer Federation)

Al Guido, President, San Francisco 49ers

Emily Matthews, San Francisco 49ers Communications & Public Affairs Manager

Larry MacNeil, San Francisco 49ers employee/consultant

Russell H. Miller, Attorney

Anne Moriarity, Milltown Partners

Ace Smith, Bearstar Strategies

People Associated with Becker and His Campaign

David Andre (former ConVis Bureau employee)

Bruno Kirschbaum (campaign staff/volunteer)

John McLemore (former City Councilmember)

Virginia Becker Goncalves (Becker’s mother)

City Staff

Steve Ngo, former Interim City Attorney

Nora Pimentel, Assistant City Clerk

City Council

Sudhanshu “Suds” Jain, City of Santa Clara Councilmember

Anthony Becker
Santa Clara Councilman Anthony Becker


  1. Hi Perry, and thanks for that helpful info and accurately explaining what legally has been playing out. I will check out the city website to read some of those texts. What a sad chapter in a great city.

    Witnesses testifying one day could be tomorrow’s suspects depending on what is uncovered and if additional crimes were discovered and committed by either the suspect or witnesses. Based on your knowledgeable post, I would like your thoughts on if Becker is it, or are there other crimes out there in this case yet to be charged against others? I am in the latter camp.

    On a lighter note, my wife and I are watching the new Perry Mason series on HBO Max, and it is excellent. Way different than the Perry Mason i grew up watching:)

    • The old Perry, which recurring actor was in Citizen Kane?

      Which in Rebrl without a cause?

      Which 4 Star Trek actors?

  2. How did Mayor Gilmore back the ethics committee? The committee has met maybe 3 times since she has been in charge. I do not believe Mayor Gilmor is ethically minded.

    • Haters are just gonna’ hate, right Ed Richards?

      Gillmor could say the earth is round and some hater will dispute.

      So glad Gillmor beat Becker otherwise we’d be looking at VM Park to run the City after Becker is convicted.

      Now there’s a really scary scenario! 😵‍💫

    • Ed,
      Gillmor has been one of many asking for an independent Ethics commission. It was vetoed by several of the current Councilmembers.

      The current Governance and Ethics Committee hasn’t really done much to foster better Ethics.

      There was a time recently when Santa Clara created an award-winning Ethics program.

      Many could use a refresher on Ethics.

      One of the Grand Jury recommendations was an independent Ethics committee. The Council said no to that idea.

  3. Robert,

    I do not think it is correct to describe the witness list as a list of witnesses “for the prosecution” or “for the case against Anthony Becker.”

    They were witnesses questioned by the grand jury and it seems that something that someone said resulted in there being a case against Anthony Becker that Rosen is prosecuting.

    But this is not a list of people who all testified “against” Becker. Or for a prosecution of Becker.

    Considering that Rosen alluded to the SV Voice I am surprised that nobody from the SV Voice was asked to appear before the grand jury. Neither Carolyn Schuk nor Erika Towne.

    I wonder why Suds was the only city councilperson who was interviewed by the grand jury.

    • Buscher Alum, this was a criminal grand jury that indicted Becker based on his LIES to the civil grand jury. HIS LIES triggered a criminal grand jury to then have him prosecuted which included calling witnesses and no doubt documents to determine if there was reason for an indictment. Whatever all those witnesses for the prosecution to make a case said gave just cause for that indictment. As for Suds being called, take a look at the public records requests Suds turned over to Brian Doyle’s attorney. There are tons of text msgs between Suds and Becker behaving like two mean girls squealing over their daily angst. No doubt the criminal grand jury and attorneys had some good laughs. When you can’t sleep at night, you should find and read them. They are publicly available on the City website under Public Records.

    • Ethics never left Santa Clara. The49er 5 just ignore them. Why we need leaders who have morals and ethics.

  4. Suds and t he 49ers were probably smart enough to not lie to the Grand Jury… Becker, not so much.

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