BREAKING NEWS: Dark Money Matters – Part 2

BREAKING NEWS: Dark Money Matters – Part 2

By Robert Haugh

The City of Santa Clara has fined the notorious “dark money” group BLUPAC $9,340.00 for late reporting of expenditures in the 2016 City races. It is believed to be the largest fine in Santa Clara municipal election history.


The fine is significant for another big reason. BLUPAC reported spending $49,264.97 in the 2016 political races on independent expenditures in Santa Clara elections. A nonprofit that spends less than $50,000 may hide its donors from public scrutiny as BLUPAC has done. But now, because of the fine, they are well over the threshold that requires public reporting of their donors.

Just 48 hours ago, we published a summary of expenditures made by BLUPAC to support or oppose Santa Clara candidates. We also summarized the circumstantial evidence that possibly links the group to the 49ers. Rather than denying their involvement, the 49ers have refused to comment on the allegations for months.

With this major reporting blunder, the California Fair Political Practices Commission and/or the Santa Clara City Attorney’s office should be able to force BLUPAC to reveal its donors. We know from the documents we’ve received that interim City Attorney Brian Doyle is reviewing the violation.

Will we finally find out if the 49ers were behind BLUPAC?

Will we find out if the candidates who denied receiving help from BLUPAC, actually knew about it?

Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story. It could have a major impact on the 49ers and Santa Clara elected officials and 2016 candidates. This would be as big of an event as legendary Lucha Libre icon Blue Demon having his mask pulled off and revealing his identity.



  1. I just love this. It would be nice to expose this whole thing, but we need to stop this kind of municipal meddling in the future. Good report!

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