City Council Meeting Preview

City Council Meeting Preview

By Robert Haugh

The big news for this week’s Council meeting, is Summerhill is asking for for reconsideration of the Council’s March 7 denial of their project at 2232-2240 El Camino Real (Calmar Cycles, Mayuri Restaurant, Verizon, Academy for Salon Professionals).

This will either be a quick smackdown by the Council, or Summerhill believes they can sway a vote from someone who voted against the proposal – they need support from either Mayor Lisa Gillmor or Council members Debi Davis, Patty Mahan or Kathy Watanabe. We might be seeing a grudge match here if someone changes their past vote. We can’t see any of these women changing their vote, but you never know.

Other items of interest:

  1. The slated sports park south of Reed Street between Lafayette and Grant Streets is up for having its architectural design and final environmental components approved. This would allow the youth sports facility to be sent out for bids. The facility has over $14 million allocated to construct five lighted soccer fields and a 3,500-square-foot multi-purpose building on the nine-acre site. Let’s hope certain folks don’t see this in any way as a replacement for our wonderful Youth Soccer Park.
  2. Worker retention ordinance – as drafted, this ordinance will apply to any entity in the City of Santa Clara with more than 25 employees in California that enter into building services and/or food service, as well as any entertainment/convention venues with a capacity of at least 8,000.
  3. Emergency ordinance adoption to preserve the City’s public, educational and governmental (PEG) access fees. We wonder why this sat for so long before having to be passed in an emergency manner.
  4. Stadium event public safety costs – we have heard the views from SC POA President Sgt. Pat Nikolai and Police Chief Mike Sellers. This will likely be a heated conversation. We agree we need adequate staffing at Levi’s Stadium, but can council do this without violating Measure J?
  5. Stadium Authority budget. There are still many lingering questions. This will be fun to watch.









  1. If they agree to vote on SummerHill againI would like to see Teresa O’Neil change her vote and make it 5-2.

  2. The effect of the Summerhill Apartments will have on the Towne Center will be devastating. Summerhill provides ONE parking spot per unit. Additional parking at $400 monthly per spot. The Tennant’s either spend an additional $5000 annual per vehicle or park elsewhere, Towne Centre.
    It is important that the Council listen to the voters and not the builders. High Density has a place, but not next to one of Santa Clara’s nicest newest shopping and restaurant locations.
    We don’t have many choices, please don’t ruin the Towne Centre.

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