City Council Preview – Another Loaded Agenda & More Stadium Matters

City Council Preview

By Robert Haugh

In the third of three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings, the City Council once again has a loaded agenda with many items to tackle. No surprise, some of the heavy discussions will be about Levi’s Stadium operations.

Stadium Matters

Stadium Financial Report

For the 2016-17 fiscal year, a number of things stick out:

– Total tickets sold for NFL events was down two percent;

– NFL event public safety costs increased by 20 percent;

– Non-NFL event attendance went down by almost 50 percent, with number of events down almost 40 percent – total Non-NFL tickets sold dropped by 7.42 percent;

– Non-NFL event public safety costs increased by just under four percent;

– There is a reported $3.4 million net benefit to the City’s General Fund.

Grand Jury Response Letter

Per Council’s direction, Interim City attorney Brian Doyle drafted a new letter to the Grand Jury regarding the recommendations of last year’s Grand Jury findings on Levi’s Stadium and Measure J compliance. The letter is much stronger and more detailed than the one proposed at last week’s meeting by Interim City manager Rajeev Batra who looked like he was covering up for the 49ers. Let’s see how the Grand Jury reacts.

Interim City manager Rajeev Batra’s original response letter to the Grand Jury
Letter from the Civil Grand Jury Asking for Update on Measure J complaince findings
Interim City Attorney Brian Doyle’s amended response

Additional items being addressed at tomorrow’s (May 23) meeting:


The initial review of the City’s operating budget will take place. The budget is up 11 percent from last year, nearly $73.5 million. One of the largest items in the budget is pension liability. One thing that sticks out to us: sales tax is projected to be down by eight percent, slightly over $5 million – which is explained by a one-time $7 million “triple-dip funds” sales tax increase from the State in last year’s budget. Actual sales tax is projected to increase by approximately two percent. Transit Occupancy Tax (ToT) is projected to be up by three percent.

The Convention Center’s (CVB) third quarter activity report will be filed.  They have year-to-date net income of $947,848.

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation is giving the City a $30,000 grant to conduct a community survey to provide feedback on their view of policing and perceptions of public safety.

El Camino Real Specific Plan Projects

After a public presentation by Citation Homes on May 9 asking for their project at 1375 El Camino Real be “grandfathered” into the recent exception list of pending projects, the City staff report doesn’t really say what’s going on with this project or the other ones on the El Camino. We’re wondering if everything is on hold, although that’s not what the Council decided.

Water, Garbage & Recycling Rate Increases

Fees increases will be reviewed. Staff is proposing that water rates will increase nine percent for recycled water and 15 percent for potable water. This is primarily due to increases posed by the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Residential garbage pick-up fees will increase by 1.7 percent while commercial pickup will increase by 3.5 percent.


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