Guest Opinion: I Support the Stadium Curfew

Guest Opinion: I Support the Stadium Curfew

By Pierluigi Oliverio

I attended the Santa Clara City Council meeting on April 16 to observe the curfew discussion regarding the 49ers stadium. From my ten years on the San Jose city council, I am keenly aware of the importance of curfews for places such as the airport, food/alcohol establishments, and sports and concert venues, and the impact they can have on adjacent neighborhoods.

Whether we as individuals agree or disagree with an established curfew, it was passed by a majority of council members and is, therefore, a rule that must be followed. I agreed with this decision back in January when it was last discussed. If this policy goes unchanged, and all other things being equal as far as the duration of concerts goes, then major performances should be scheduled for the weekend nights only.

Given the importance of this issue, I was surprised that the 49ers did not send a representative, and that not all councilmembers attended the meeting. I enjoyed watching the discussion unfold, and felt that Mayor Lisa Gillmor and the council majority exercised very sound judgment in delivering an outcome that is in the best interest of a majority of Santa Clara residents. I agreed with the council majority in their 4-2 vote that will put the 49ers on notice that future breaches in contract will not go unnoticed.

Editor’s note: Oliverio is one of several candidates for the Santa Clara County Supervisor District 4 seat (currently held by Ken Yeager) that serves Santa Clara. He is a former San Jose City Councilman who represented District 6, which includes neighborhoods that border Santa Clara, such as the Rose Garden. He submitted this to Santa Clara News Online.


  1. Thank you Robert for allowing the widest variety of opinions and free speech.

    For all of those here that didn’t like Pierluigi Oliverio’s guest editorial… who did it hurt?
    And look at all of the discussion it sparked. Isn’t this what the First Amendment is all about.
    It is not for unlimited speech that we agree with. It is about unlimited speech.

    I can say first hand that Pierluigi has a very mixed record and most of the “soccer moms” that
    love him so dearly in District 6 of San Jose are not aware of:

    1) He personally harangues people who disagree with him

    2) He used his staff incessantly to spy on people in Council Chambers who then text “PLO” in real time

    3) He often says he was in sales, but I believe he was a bartender at least as long.
    (which is ok, because everyone knows that bartenders listen more than sales people!)

    4) He pushed the envelope on many issues, not always good. SJ has an unwritten rule that City Council
    Members to NOT criticize what other Council Members do in their district. He has benefitted from this
    more that ALL of the other Council Members combined

    5) People in SJ are by and large completely taken in by his style — this is very similar to Dominic Casserta.

    So people are not only in denial about the facts on both people based on the facts.

    But people are quick to rush in to defend “their” candidate.
    People are not personally attacking your candidates.
    We are speaking Truth to power!

    Looking back up at the list… there are more similarities than differences?
    And more than just #5!

  2. The best chance for a Santa Clara resident to be on the County Board is hands down with Lisa Gillmor. Additional candidates may and will join the race as late as Spring 2018.

    If Oliverio raises a significant amount of money he wins, however if he just puts his name on the ballot without fundraising as he often does, then he will lose.

    • You’re missing the most qualified, consistent and truthful candidate out there: Don Rocha!
      Jason Baker is great too, but nowhere near as great as Don Rocha!
      He and Ash Kalra were the best SJ Council Members in decades!

  3. I can’t see Dominic standing up to the 49ers. In fact the only place I have seen Dominic take a strong stand is against residents. I have seen him sit in his chair and make derogatory comments about the residents. When the council is on the verge of making a really bad decision, like putting a high density infill project in the middle of single family homes, and hundreds of angry people show up Dominic thinks this is a wonderful sign of democracy. Rather he should see it as a failure by the city in general and council in particular. Why should his screwups make people rearrange their lives to show up at a council meeting or two. Yes, not his screw up alone, but he is the one that seems to think it is a sign of success.

    • Howard you don’t even know Dominic. He students adore him and he is always accessible to constituents try and get to know him before you make cruel inaccaruate comments. Shame on you!

    • Michael,
      Yes, maybe I shouldn’t make such negative comments publicly and don’t do so lightly. However, I didn’t say anything not personally witnessed and did not include my own personal judgment.
      I am very concerned about the future of Santa Clara.

    • Agreed PLO is a troll who has lost three elections in a row including his own district in ALL three elections. Oliverio needs the attention more than serve his constituents. What is next for him dog catcher?

  4. Diane,

    You seem to know a lot about the Caserta campaign, Terry Riley, and other things. Could you tell us about Ryan Chamberlain?

  5. Yes, it is naive and rather ‘snow flakish’ to insist only people you agree with be published.
    Robert has published opinions from people I disagree with but has always been willing to publish booth sides.
    I happen to prefer Mr Oliver. The only upside of Dominic winning would him not being on the city council.

  6. The councilmember who missed the important vote and is not named spells his name C-A-S-E-R-T-A. He voted for the NINERS to break the curfew in January. He’s running for Supervisor. He’s NOT for Santa Clara.

    • Caserta clearly spoke out how disappointed he was in the Niners breaking the curfew, please read the artcile at

      Caserta is willing to stand up to the niners!

      Also, remember Oliverio is the person accused of sexual harassment, please read at

      And this is the same guy, Oliverio, caught on tape stealing lawn signs, please watch at

      No wonder Oliverio has lost his last 3 elections, voters know this guy is a fraud and scum bag. Now he is all the sudden caring about Santa Clara, give me a break! He is a joke!

      Santa Clara deserves a seat at the County table as Caserta is our best shot!

    • Jane,
      Exactly! Mr. Oliverio is a danger to our community. His selfishness and pettiness is familiar to many San Jose residents. I forgot about his sign stealing adventures.

      He is a self-serving creep, and it was refreshing to see voters reject his bid for Congress, his bid for Open Sapce Authority and hopefully his bid for Supervisor. We need honest public servants. We will not always like every thing that our elected leaders do, but the content of their character is very important, and Mr. Oliverio lacks even basic human decency. Vote Anybody but PLO.

    • Councilmember Pier Oliverio enjoyed great support from his D6 residents throughout his years on City Council. These links are old news and didn’t impact any of his support in the community. He was elected with more total votes that any other D6 councilmember in history. Why? Because he was always transparent, and accessible to his constituents. Now that I think about it, he was also a big supporter of the arts and parks, and we enjoyed bringing the kids out to the Shakespeare in the Park and other music/arts related things he funded. I can’t think of any other candidate that has done so much for the community.

      And you really can’t compare the (part time) city councilmembers from Santa Clara/Campbell to those is San Jose.

      Councilmembers from Santa Clara/Campbell essentially get a stipend (about $500 – $900 a month), no paid staff, and do not manage a office budget.

      Junior league compared to San Jose. And don’t get me started about volunteer school board members!

    • Robert,
      I did not think you could stoop any lower, wow, but then maybe I should not be surprised. Providing Mr. Oliverio space to bash Santa Clara and then promote his website shows you clearly have an agenda, you are no more than a gadfly, similar to Mr. Oliverio.

      Your “readers” are unlikely to have any of your “watchdog” work to look into Mr. Oliverio’s harassment of employees, AND community members, especially women, or how his unsavory ethical work arounds with his faux-chief of staff Terry Riley, (who smugly displayed a picture of himself with Roger Stone) and their bullying tactics in San Jose.

      You will continue to harangue many candidates in this Supervisor’s race, but to give Mr. Oliverio a platform to spew and peddle his nonsense is just appalling. For note, Mr. Oliverio spoke up at a recent Democratic Party meeting advocating for development of Coyote Creek, a very dangerous proposition that would be an unmitigated disaster to some of the last remaining open space and wildlife areas in Santa Clara County. Thankfully the Democrats would not fall for his ruse and passed a resolution calling for Coyote Creek’s protection.

      Shame on you. Shame on Mr. Oliverio.

    • We have always allowed for guest opinions. Mr. Oliverio submitted his opinion on a very much contested local issue. We’ve shared opinions from many others as well. We actually offered Caserta an opportunity to write a guest opinion as well. He failed to submit anything by our deadline.

      How is he bashing Santa Clara? He’s siding an opinion that alogns with the majority of the Santa Clara city council who voted against the proposed curfew extension in January.

      Here, on Santa Clara News Online, we allow opinions from several people, such as we do by allowing you to provide your opinion and thoughts.

      We were asked by a reader what Oliverio’s website is, so we provided it. Note, we didn’t provide that link in the article itself.

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