What Did the Mayor, Council and Elected Officials do During “Summer Break?”

What Did the Mayor, Council and Elected Officials do During “Summer Break?”

By Robert Haugh

The City Council had their “summer break” after the last Council meeting on July 18.  It was interrupted by a special meeting on August 1 to discuss personnel issues.

According to our sources, they discussed hiring a new city manager and an announcement is expected soon. They will resume with a meeting on August 22.

Here are the public events our elected officials attended during their break, according to the ones who responded:

Mayor Lisa Gillmor

  • City Hall tour – Safari students;
  • Installation ceremony, Honorary Consul of Italy;
  • Tip-a-Cop lunch at California Pizza Kitchen;
  • Concerts in the Park;
  • Street Dance at Franklin Square;
  • 3rd Annual Sean’s K-9 Luau Fundraiser;
  • Presenter at the Sister Cities International conference in Virginia.

Vice Mayor Dominic Caserta

  • Taught Political Science at Foothill and De Anza Colleges; and
  • Walked precincts and campaigned for Santa Clara County Supervisor.

Councilmember Debi Davis

  • Sister Cities Association meeting;
  • Water District meeting;
  • Concerts in the Park;
  • National Night Out;
  • Street Dance;
  • a local soccer tournament;
  • 3rd Annual Sean’s K-9 Luau Fundraiser;
  • Bead Show at the Marriott.

Councilmember Kathy Watanabe

Watanabe visited Paris, France and Ireland on vacation with her family, but also participated in public events.

  • Meetings with the Limerick mayor;
  • Met with Irish  legislator Stephen Keary;
  • Met with elected officials in County Council in Longford – her parents’ hometown;
  • Called in on August 1 for special council meeting from Paris.

Councilmember Teresa O’Neill

  • City meetings;
  • County-wide committees such as VTA;
  • Orlando, FL conference;
  • Monterey, CA conference; and
  • Murphy’s, CA conference.

Councilmember Pat Kolstad

Did not comment. But called into a special council meeting on August 1 from Liberty Lake, WA.

The following people did not comment:

Councilmember Patricia Mahan, Police Chief Mike Sellers, City Clerk/Auditor Rod Diridon, Jr., and Interim City Manager Rajeev Batra.


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  1. I know that I wrote to the Police Chief, not realizing he was on vacation. I got an out of office message, but then he responded right away! I was impressed.

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