Stadium Authority Preview: Caserta Taints Stadium Community Survey With Public Statements

By Robert Haugh

We’ve never seen this before.

Councilman Dominic Caserta decided to speak out about the weekday stadium curfew. It’s a free country, so what’s the big deal?

The problem is the city was in the middle of a community survey to figure out how Santa Clarans feel about the stadium and the curfew.

Here’s Caserta’s social media post from Saturday, February 10. He links to the TV news story that he’s featured in.

Dominic Caserta

Now, the survey consultants, to protect the validity of data-driven research, are putting off some parts of the community survey. They say say they need to do this to avoid the distortion that may be caused by media articles.

The consultant believes that “if undue influence should surface, the scope of service will require disclosure of such and with the consultant being transparent of whether the process has been adversely impacted.”

The consultant has requested that Board members consider refraining from speaking to the media about their individual positions on these matters until the completion of current surveys. (Note to Caserta: they’re talking about you.)

Community Engagement Update

The consultants will provide a detailed report on the status of their community engagement work. It is a very meticulous process with lots of steps to ensure fair results. Among the efforts include focus groups, community interviews, community meetings and an online platform.

Focus groups will include the Northside Moms Group (PTSAs and residents), Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC), Santa Clara Youth Soccer League, Great America, 49ers and the Santa Clara Chamber.

One-on-one community “person on the street” interviews with community members will be held at the Bacon and Beer Classic on Feb. 24 at Levi’s Stadium and the Santa Clara Farmers Market on March 24.

Several community meetings will be held at the Central Park Library (April 26, 6 p.m.), Northside Library (May 6, 6 p.m.) and another location on April 28.

The online platform will allow community members to provide input “potentially reaching a broader and more diverse audience.” Community members will answer a series of questions through a survey designed by PDC, which will launch the week of February 19 and will remain open through May 2018, via the City’s Open City Hall portal at


The financial status report for the quarter though December 31, 2017 will be reviewed, while amendments will be made to the 2-17-18 budget. We’ll have more on the numbers in the coming days. Stay tuned.

Editor’s Note:  In response to a couple comments, we made a clarification and a correction. We added the date of Caserta’s social media post to make it clearer that it was recent. We also changed Santa Clara Sporting to the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League.


  1. When developers say more, he says how much.

    When unions say now, he says how soon.

    Most of all, when the 49ers say jump for a $100,000, he says how high.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, when you look up the phrase “sleaziest local politician”, Dominic Caserta’s photo appears.

  2. I saw the story on the news last week so it is current. DC has to do the bidding of his BluePAC buddies I guess and doesn’t care if he wastes taxpayer money in the process. Not a good move for someone aspiring for a higher office. If I were a current supervisor, I wouldn’t be supporting DC. Irresponsible? Embarrassment? That’s an understatement. Stop playing with peoples lives, DC.

  3. Is Dominic dead set on dividing Santa Clara into two groups? Those that love Dominic and those that hate Dominic? It is easier to make enemies than friends.
    I can’t tell from his posting what day or month it was posted. If it was 6 months ago I’m not as concerned. If it was recently, in conjunction with the beginning of the survey, I am more concerned.

  4. Dominic should be CENSURED for this! How much money is the city losing by having the consultants change course? He should pay the city for all the added costs!

    He has tarnished the study to skew the results for his big donor 49ers. CORRUPT.

    Censure may be the only solution for this out of control hack!

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