Santa Clara News Summary: The Week that Mahan and Kolstad Blocked an Appointment to Caserta’s Seat

By Robert Haugh

A Weekly Summary from the Mission City’s Best News Source



We previewed Tuesday’s Council meeting and listed the 24 applicants vying for disgraced Councilman Dominic Caserta’s vacated seat – many of them outstanding Santa Clarans. We also revealed how the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce is withholding documents from the City about how they’re spending tax dollars — that’s not good.


We take a  look at Councilwoman Patty Mahan and Councilman Pat Kolstad’s threat to leave Caserta’s seat vacant.   They both voted to fill a council vacancy in the past.  But they won’t this time — even with two dozen well-qualified candidates. Most City Hall observers say they’re playing politics.


Mahan and Kolstad slap the public in the face by wasting  hours of time at the council meeting. The council interviews and ranks candidates. Both Mahan and Kolstad participate. Then around 2 a.m., they say they won’t vote to appoint anyone. Wow. So Caserta’s seat stays vacant — the first time in recent history that the Council failed to appoint.   The good news is that a majority of the Council don’t need Mahan and Kolstad to pass a balanced budget. And they do – washing out an $8 million deficit without service cuts.


Breaking News: Don Rocha pulls ahead of Pierluigi Oliverio in Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors race. The results are not final, but Oliverio is close to conceding.



  1. It is so obvious. The Murky like the Weakly only write when they want to attack Gillmore. If they could take Tuesday night’s debacle and make Gillmore O’Neill Watanabe and Davis look bad, it would have been front page news. Shameful.

    The community needs to show up in force at the next meeting and let Mahan and Kolstad know how they wronged those candidates by saying they weren’t good enough to serve. Mahan’s comments hurt lots of folk. She needs a public spanking. Just give Kolstad a pacifier.

  2. Maybe I missed it but I haven’t seen a big spread in the SJ Murky news making fun of our dysfunctional council. Hard to believe they would pass up a chance like that.
    Has anyone else commented on the negative outcome of this last session regarding committee/commission appointments? We have several commission openings and if I were interested in applying I could well be dissuaded thinking it would be hard to get enough votes. Granted, it would only take 4 votes instead of 5 to appoint someone to a committee/commission but the way Pat and Patty are acting it is a chancy thing.

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