Sometimes We Need a Recharge

By Robert Haugh

I haven’t taken much time off from writing. And I’ve been publishing daily, Monday through Friday for almost two years. I love the Mission City and writing about her. And it shows people in journalism what I can do.

More importantly I’m a father to an amazing 3-year-old daughter, which has always taken precedent over all. Recently, I’ve been working two full-time jobs at major hi-tech companies, each in totally different roles, to help provide for her future. I also manage swim lessons (for her and I), gymnastics lessons and other fatherly duties, like bringing her to a pre-school that I work at occasionally.

In addition to the work, I’ve also been managing Wrestling For Charity, which hosted three amazingly successful events last week in San Francisco, Santa Clara and Menlo Park at the Facebook campus for Facebook Festivals‘ Fiesta event. These events featured wrestling stars from as far as Mexico and the U.K.

I’ve also had a medical need arise that dates back over 14 years. I have a consult next week to determine the course of action. Many of you know, I nearly lost my arm in a racing incident at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville.

I thank the readers and supporters of Santa Clara News Online and plan to continue daily posts tomorrow.

Sometimes, life gets in the way of writing and we need a little time to recharge.


  1. You have made me a more concerned and caring citizen than I have ever been. The truths you find, research, educate and inform us on make us all better Santa Clara citizens. You have definitely earned a rest!

  2. Robert, the elections are almsot HERE!! U need you’re rest! Stay strong, man. We NEED to know the WHOLE TRUTH and nothin but the TRUTH! Thanks!!!!

  3. Thanks for hanging in there Robert through the difficult times. What a stud. Peter Maivia would be proud.
    I appreciate and enjoy your daily truths.

  4. Please take the time you need to recharge. You are such a breath of fresh air regarding my hometown, you are much appreciated and admired!

  5. Ditto to the compliments above. Please take care of yourself and your daughter, Robert – you have your priorities straight. And know how incredibly grateful your many Santa Clara readers are to you for your persistent and unflagging dedication to unearthing the truth in our city. Best of luck and we’ll be eagerly anticipating the day you begin writing again.

  6. Have enjoyed reading your articles for the last two years. A breath of fresh air! I will patiently wait while you recharge. I’m sure others feel the same way. You need to take time for yourself. Hope all goes well and you are on your way to recovery soon.

  7. Would you mind please publishing dates of dates of the candidates forums first please? The Old Quad is having one … I think it is September 20 and there will be another one televised from City Council Chambers on October 11 too.

    These provide valuable information for Santa Clara voters …

    Thanks in advance and have a relaxing time off …

  8. You’re awesome Robert! The dedication to the public good you display daily is a shining example of what everyone is capable of and what the height of journalism was and can still be if we all demand it.

    Please take all the time you need. Good luck and please tell us publicly and privately how we can assist you in any way large or small.

    Hopeful for good news next week and a more easily achievable game plan going forward for you and your family.

  9. Thank you for this essential enterprise. I founded and operate a website for fans and followers of John Steinbeck, so I know what is required in terms of time and thought. Keep up the good work. Santa Clara benefits!

  10. You are an amazing person, an amazing father, and a dedicated worker. I feel lucky having you as a friend and I will be praying for you. I am going to miss those mornings I don’t read your column. I love our little chats as well. Enjoy your reprieve and I will be praying all goes well.

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