New Awards: The Best and Worst of the Week

By Robert Haugh

A few readers suggested I try something different for Fridays. So here goes. These awards are inspired by the men and women of World Wrestling Entertainment. (WWE)

The Good —  The Leg Drop Award

The California State Bar Association took some complaints seriously. They suspended Santa Clara Attorney John Mlnarik who’s also Dominic Caserta’s attorney and the President of the Santa Clara Rotary. Mlnarik bilked at least two clients. He can’t practice law for a year and is on probation for three.

The State Bar has been criticized in the past for sweeping stuff under the rug. But it didn’t happen in these two cases with Mlnarik. Kudos to them.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award

This was actually written a couple weeks ago by Miles Barber. But people at City Hall are still laughing about it this week, so it qualifies.

Barber thinks the City should have put tax dollars into the College Football Playoff National Championship game. Huh? Last year, Atlanta put in $12.5 million. Santa Clara put in nothing. In fact, the City will get reimbursed for all its expenses.

Kudos to the City leadership for protecting our tax money. Barber would be a lousy city manager.




  1. Don’t know much about Ms. Santana. But Mr. Barber’s column’s are truly an example of poor writing and weak logic. The Wilcox High Scribe has much better writing than the Santa Clara Weekly. Please read it.

  2. Ha Ha. Good idea, Robert.

    BTW, Deanna Santana is great city manager and has made the staff more professional and has saved the city tons of money. Miles Barber writes like he dropped out of high school. There’s no comparison.

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