Dominic Caserta Files Complaint Against the School District and City for Over $38 Million and is Represented by Suspended Attorney John Mlnarik

By Robert Haugh

Disgraced former City Councilman Dominic Caserta believes the Santa Clara Unified School District and the City of Santa Clara ruined his career.  And Caserta thinks that it’s worth $38 million.

This is not an April Fool’s joke.

Caserta resigned from the City Council on May 15, 2018.  Nine claims of sexual harassment and abuse were filed against him.  They were made by his young campaign staffers and his female high school students. Caserta taught at Santa Clara High School.

After the claims became public, Caserta was put on paid administrative leave. He’s still on it while the district investigates the claims. Attorney Patricia Elliot has been hired by SCUSD to investigate.

But Caserta has filed two complaints — one against the school district and one against the City.  Legal sources say that’s required before a lawsuit can be filed.

According to reliable sources, Caserta is asking SCUSD for $38 million. He believes that the district destroyed his reputation when someone accidentally released his personnel records.  Those records showed past sexual harassment and abuse claims.

Caserta’s claim against the City only specifies that he believes he’s owed more than $10,000. Legal sources say that’s all that’s required of the official claim form and Caserta could ask for a lot more.

Caserta specifically cites Mayor Lisa Gillmor asking him to resign as causing him great stress, ruining his reputation, and causing him to become depressed. She was the first public official to do so.


Mlnarik Representing Caserta

According to Andrew Lucia, SCUSD Assistant Superintendent, “at various times, the District or its legal representative have communicated with attorneys John Mlnarik, Christopher Schumb and Andrew Phillips who were representing Mr. Caserta.”

Mlnarik was recently suspended by the California State Bar Association — a story we broke two days ago.  Phillips works for the Mlnarik Law Group. Schumb is an attorney who represents teachers’ unions.

The Mlnarik Law Group was paid $40,000 by Caserta’s campaign for May – June 2018. Back then, it looked like all they did for the campaign was write a one-page press release for Caserta’s resignation.

So in August 2018, we speculated that a lawsuit was coming.

Looks like the speculation might be right. More on this story to come.

Seriously … this is not an April Fool’s joke. It’s still January.






  1. Hey guys. Chris Taylor here, SC Class of 2002. These allegations sound accurate to me and I hope this massive showing of greed and spite buries this terrible man’s career for good. The city didn’t damage his reputation: he did. Hit me up if you wanna reminisce! 🙂

  2. The word from Mission City residents is that Dominic Caserta has barricaded himself in his Old Quad residence like the brilliant mathematician John Nash who went crazy speculating about conspiracies behind every mysterious curtain or every darkened corner. One can only imagine Dominic scribbling on his walls that he is innocent and the District Attorney has cleared him of all charges. Laugh not as Dominic has told many people this in his defense. Lucky for him that the 7/11 on Lafayette Street is open 24 hours so he can leave the security of his strange hovel in the wee hours of the morning when hunger calls.

  3. If SCUSD or the City gives that creep any money, voices will be loud and clear – RECALL!! This creep got away with his disgusting behavior for wwwaaaayyyyyy toooooo llllooonnnggg. Too many people turned the other way and gave him a little slap on the hands. They should ALL GO!

    No more. Its time to protect our kids. Our kids need the money. NOT HIM. $38M can buy alot. This creep created his own problems. Get out of town and stay there. How dare you try and take from our children after all you did for so long.

    SCHS or SC doesn’t need his kind. I hope your reading SCUSD and City.

  4. Is Dominic Caserta Santa Clara’s version of Dr. Richard Kimble — an innocent man wrongly accused? As in the Fugitive, Caserta must channel Harrison Ford to clear his good name. But will he be able to do it with the “suspended” John Mlnarik as his legal wingman? Doubtful. Mlnarik, when he’s not ripping off clients of money and homes, is doing a poor man’s impersonation of the sleazy attorney Leo Drummond from the Rainmaker. However, Jon Voight plays Drummond as a handsome, well-dressed and well-educated lawyer. So the only thing that he Mlnarik have in common are moral standards — or lack thereof.

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