BREAKING NEWS: Dominic Caserta Resigns – Denies All Allegations

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara City Councilman Dominic Caserta has resigned from Santa Clara Council and suspended his County Supervisorial campaign.

“The allegations against me are false in every sense of the word,” he said in a press release, which can be read in its entirety below.

Santa Clara City Councilman Dominic Caserta issued a press release announcing his resignation from the Santa Clara City Council and that he is suspending his County Supervisorial campaign.


  1. […] Caserta previously paid the local law firm owned by Santa Clara Rotary President John Mlnarik $15,000 from the campaign. That had to be for helping Caserta write a one-page press release to announce his resignation on May 15 after allegations of sexual abuse and assault came out against Caserta. […]

  2. Caserta reminds me of Trump who clamied he would sue his accusers after the election – but he was lying. The release of something from Caserta’s personnel file CAUSED him no harm. His own misconduct just caught up to him and he wanted to head off tonight’s agenda item and more accusers. But people should speak anyway. Caserta cannot successfully sue anyone. Any truthful accuser sued by Caserta should tell the press and I will find the defendant a FREE (Bro BONO) Trial lawyer to kick Caserta’s sorry …

  3. What will the City Council do to fill Dominic’s seat? Hopefully it doesn’t cost us a fortune.

    • I would think they’d wait at least until after the June 5 election or after the CTVA decision(s). Probably best just to hold off and let voters decide in November. Council decisions have been generally predictable with Caserta’s vote being on the minority side.
      The plaintiffs in that lawsuit argued amongst other things that the appointment of Watanabe (prior to an election) was an example giving a white candidate an advantage (as the incumbent). Regardless if that’s valid, unless the appointment is an Asia-American, we’d just be asking for trouble.

  4. Robert,

    Curious if your “inside sources” know if there is a “pay-off” for this resignation?

    You have continually discussed city finances being paid out to former employees, curious about some (gadfly) investigation on this.

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