He’s Back! Caserta Publishes Oped — in the Czech Republic

By Robert Haugh

We never heard of the Prague Post. But they probably have never heard of us either.

But they’ve heard of disgraced former City Councilman Dominic Caserta (or have they?).

Looks like we have excellent sources in Eastern Europe. We got a tip that Caserta published an oped last week in the Prague Post. It’s titled: “Dominic Caserta Analyzes the Causes and Solutions for Urban Traffic”.

What? He never shared his great ideas with us.

The Prague Post “was the longest-running English-language newspaper in the Czech Republic.” But since 2013, it’s been an on online-only publication.

They describe Caserta as a “Santa Clara educator and former three-term City Council Member.”

They don’t mention his resignation from the council after allegations of sexual harassment and abuse were made against him. Most of his accusers were his female Santa Clara High School students.  There are 15 police reports filed against Caserta to date.

They also don’t mention that he’s on the international database called the Creep Sheet. It’s described as “the most complete list of public figures accused of sexual harassment or assault.”

Or that he has complaints against the Santa Clara Unified School District and the City of Santa Clara for ruining his life.  No kidding.

Our sources say Caserta is preparing lawsuits that are frivolous. But he hopes to get some dough out of any institution dumb enough to give it to him.

Caserta has been seen only once in town since he resigned from office in May 2018. That was last week.  He was in City Hall to turn in some economic interest forms, we were told. Our sources did not notice if Caserta was carrying his passport and a plane ticket to the Czech Republic.


  1. This was submitted via email. We are posting it as a comment, but feel removing the article from our site isn’t necessary.

    Thanks for bringing the issue about Dominic Caserta to our attention.
    The article was initially posted on Prague Post in relation to an advertising campaign and our editors did not pay enough attention to the person of interest.

    We immediately removed the content from our website.
    We will be more careful in the future and we warned our editors to do so as well.

    But we believe targeting our website and our business on your website upsets us all. We would prefer you warned us about the issue and we could take immediate action. We always collaborate with other media and news outlets in this manner.

    We kindly ask you to remove the post on this page written By Robert Haugh:

    Robert has done a tremendous job and we admire his journalism and professsionalism.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please, kindly inform us when you remove the post on your website.


  2. FYI, the Prague Post is just a content mill run by some entrepreneurs in Turkey. They bought the name of the website after The Prague Post went out of business a few years back and use it to try to bring in traffic. It has no connection to Prague, and the article isn’t about Prague, so I don’t think Caserta is in the Czech Republic.

  3. Great work to find that creep!
    Just a correction: Czech Republic is considered to be in Central Europe (not Eastern…) and Czech people (I’m not) are pretty tight about this geographical tidbit.

  4. OMG He is such a POS. All the teenage boys and girls in the Czech Republic BEWARE OF THE SERIAL SEXUAL PREDATOR CASERTA. Good looking out Robert thank you.

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