Guest Opinion: Santa Clara Unified Trustee Addresses 49ers Tax Appeal

Dear Santa Clara County Supervisors,

I’m a member of the board of trustees for Santa Clara Unified School District. The comments below are from me as a member of the community, and from me only.

An appeals panel from the Santa Clara County Assessor’s office recently approved a reduction in property taxes for the San Francisco 49ers. This action has great financial repercussions for a number of entities, most importantly the students and families of Santa Clara Unified School District.

It’s obvious the assessors’ office can take this action. I understand the 49ers are simply doing what private businesses do; make and keep profits.

My question to you is not whether this was properly done, my question to you is; should this be done? 

Santa Clara Unified has title 1 schools where students come to school hungry. Our entire staff, from bus drivers to teachers, take great care of our kids yet many struggle to make rent. We are striving to update our 50 year old schools and build new ones to meet population growth. We do not have a surplus of un-needed funds; our students deserve everything we can provide for them. 

Some people are giving perfectly reasonable explanations why millions should be taken away from our students and staff and enrich the 49ers. Under what circumstances is this acceptable? As a community we are measured by how we treat our children. Shouldn’t they be given the highest priority?

I hope you will help. 


Mark Richardson

Editor’s Note: Mark Richardson is a Sunnyvale resident, realtor and a Board of Trustee member for the Santa Clara Unified School District. He gave us permission to reprint this letter.

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