Stampolis In the Middle of Controversy (and on the Ground) — in Imperial County

By Robert Haugh

Chris Stampolis wreaked havoc on the Santa Clara Unified School District (SCUSD) Board. Stampolis was censured by his board colleagues for his behavior and he was banned from representing the district at events.

He’s trying to wreak havoc on the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). Stampolis had two committees that failed to file FPPC reports. But Stampolis won’t admit it’s his fault. He’s asked for an administrative law judge to review the matter.  

He almost wreaked havoc on City Hall. But he lost his election to be City Clerk. He finished 5th out of six candidates.  

Now Stampolis is creating controversy in Imperial County — about 570 miles from here and just 20 minutes from the Mexican border.

There was some controversy in the selection of the president of the Imperial County Board of Education trustees last December.  

Trustee Annette Gonzalez-Buttner, Stampolis’ partner, objected to fellow trustee Mark Ramirez. She raised some issues about his social media posts. But he was eventually appointed president on a 4-0 vote with Gonzalez-Buttner leaving the room.

Edwin Delgado of the Imperial Valley Press had the most interesting details in his story. Here’s what he reported. These are the highlights (lowlights?) about Stampolis:

“Witnesses say it was at this point Gonzalez-Buttner’s male partner, Chris Stampolis, arose in the audience to participate in the discussion. However, because the time for public comment during the meeting had passed, Stampolis was declared out of order and confronted by a Sheriff’s deputy, who attempted to escort him from the room.

“The drama that began with Gonzalez-Buttner’s protest veered into the absurd when Stampolis attempted to take part in the discussion as a member of the public.

As he is asked to leave the room by the deputy, Stampolis threw himself to the ground and shouted, “I’m requesting to speak” as Gonzalez-Buttner began recording the interaction with her cell phone.

“After the unsuccessful attempts to escort Stampolis out, the board called for a stay of proceedings until order could be restored. Four of the board members retreated to designated areas.

“After a few minutes of engaging in discussions with the board’s counsel and others in attendance, Stampolis eventually left the room accompanied by Gonzalez-Buttner and another person who was recording the incident.”

Wow.  We can’t wait to see what happens when Stampolis appears at his next FPPC hearing. We suggest that he add a wrestling move or two before he falls to the ground. Maybe he could do a Swanton bomb.


  1. Possible Captions for this image: Sit, fetch, roll over….good boy! Who needs a dog with Stamper in the room? A wild & crazy guy……Stupid is as stupid does…..

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