Early Election Results – Gillmor, Hardy in Landslides; Chahal, O’Keefe Holding Leads

By Robert Haugh

The ballots are in. Here’s a quick summary of local election results:

  • Lisa Gillmor cruised to a landslide win (74 percent) over challenger Anthony Becker in the Mayoral contest.

  • Karen Hardy claimed a landslide win (72 percent) in District 3 over Sam Kumar.

  • Raj Chahal (51 percent) holds the lead over Nancy Biagini (39) in District 2 with Mario Bouza (10) a distant third.  

  • Bob O’Keefe (25 percent) leads Hosam Haggag (22 percent) in the closest race for City Clerk. Roseann LaCoursiere (18), who apparently didn’t campaign, finished third. Bringing up the rear were Peta Roberts (15), highly controversial Chris Stampolis (13) and Tom MacDevitt (7).

  • Susan Ellenberg (57 percent) has a comfortable lead over Don Rocha (43) in the County Supervisorial battle.

  • Santa Clara Unified School District passes Measure BB — an $800+ million bond to repair and build schools — with 69 percent of the vote.

  • West Valley-Mission Community College District’s Measure W needs 55 percent of the vote and has 58 percent.

  • Mission City voters overwhelmingly approved Measure M (75 percent) a cannabis sales tax measure and Measure N (69 percent) an advisory vote to have the City create district-based elections with public input.

Tomorrow, we’ll update results and call some more races. We’ll also pick the Mission City’s biggest winners and losers.


  1. The votes are in “Becker” has more yard signs than votes. Mahan & McLemores puppet boy can return back to work at Target. And now our newly elected Mayor can continue her courageous journey in exposing the thievery within our city. Overall a good day in Santa Clara.

  2. Can I nominate Miles Barber as the biggest loser? In his latest screed against the mayor and Robert Haugh in particular it is obvious you live in his mind rent free, as they say. Which would be pretty low rent in any case with it being so small and narrow. Miles just hates that there is another source of news in town that he or the Murky News can’t control.

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