Election Predictions – Some Landslides, Some Close Races

By Robert Haugh

Election day is today. We’ve pulled out our crystal ball and have our predictions:

  • Hosam Haggag squeezes out a tight win in the six-person race for City Clerk. He seemed to be the hardest working candidate online and in the neighborhoods. We predict Bob O’Keefe will come in second.
  • Karen Hardy wins District 3 over Sam Kumar. Kumar’s negative campaigning backfired. This could be a landslide, too.
  • San Jose School Board President Susan Ellenberg will win the the Mission City vote in the County Supervisor race and cruise to a win over San Jose Councilman Don Rocha, despite a huge expenditure by labor unions, including a recent piece that unfairly connected Ellenberg to the 49ers. That’s a devastating hit in Santa Clara. But it was too little, too late.
  • Santa Clara Unified School District Measure BB will narrowly pass. Despite information about possible improper spending of bond funds from Santa Clara Plays Fair, the Yes on BB campaign raised a lot of money to overwhelm the opposition.
  • Santa Clarans will pass Measure M – a cannabis tax and regulations for dispensaries. Voters will support revenue for the City, not necessarily the use of marijuana.
  • The Mission City will deny Measure N – an advisory vote on creating Districts. There’s been little information about this and almost no campaign on either side.
Election 2018 predicted winners: Mayor Lisa Gillmor, Hosam Haggag and Susan Ellenberg.


  1. Your column yesterday helped me make very important decisions on who to vote for today because I looked up who the chamber pac endorsed. Too bad for becker, chahal, muirhead, roberts, ratterman. Yeah for gillmor, biagini, fairchild, haggag. Thank you for your valuablle info.

  2. I would have voted for Mario Bouza except he hired the sleazy James Rowen. Rowen has been terrorizing our community for a long time. The police really should do something about him and the people who pay him.

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