15 Police Complaints Against Dominic Caserta

By Robert Haugh

We haven’t heard much about disgraced former Councilman Dominic Caserta — until now. Thanks to San Jose Inside (SJI), we know there are 15 police complaints filed against him to date.

The story reports a terrible new complaint:

“On May 10, someone reported an incident from way back in 1992, when Caserta allegedly exposed his genitals to an undisclosed underage victim. It’s unclear whether he was 17 or 18 at the time because the exact month of the incident isn’t listed.”

It’s been over a month since the disgraced Councilman abruptly resigned from the Council amidst a flurry of sexual harassment allegations. Metro News editor Jenn Wadsworth broke the big stories. Now, thanks to her recent story, we find out more:

  • As of May 31, 15 reports have been filed with the Santa Clara Police Department.
  • Some of the complaints may lead to criminal charges.
  • Santa Clara High and Santa Clara Unified School District are keeping quiet – except stating Caserta is on PAID leave, pending an investigation.
  • SJI calls out SCUSD superintendent Stan Rose and Assistant Andrew Lucia for their lack of transparency and slowness in  disclosing records. We know the feeling. They have been painfully slow with our requests as well.
  • Caserta is rumored to be hiding out in Hollister.

Caserta’s Council seat remains vacant thanks to two of his former Council allies – Patty Mahan and Pat Kolstad who played political games with the appointment process. They passed up a great chance to appoint some excellent candidates who would have diversified the Council.

Dominic Caserta
Former Santa Clara City Councilman and County Supervisor candidate Dominic Caserta




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