Santa Clara News Weekly Summary: Chamber Shoots Itself in the Foot Again and Caserta Has 15 Police Complaints Filed Against Him

By Robert Haugh

A Weekly Summary from the Mission City’s Best News Source



The Santa Clara Chamber PAC shoots themselves in the foot – again. They wasted money and possibly commingled city funds illegally on a really poor Santa Clara Weekly political ad urging the City Council to leave disgraced former Councilman Dominic Caserta’s seat vacant. The Chamber is also withholding documents from city staff — not a good move when the organization is trying to get back the management fee that the City suspended last month.


A respected Santa Claran calls for censure of Councilmembers Patty Mahan and Pat Kolstad. Charter Review Committee member Teresa Sulcer writes an opinion piece urging the Council to censure the two council members for failing to do their duty — and follow the will of the voters — by filling Caserta’s seat. They also put a lot of excellent candidates through hours of interviews before deciding around 2 a.m. that they would not vote for anyone.


Santa Clara Weekly Lobbyist/Publisher Miles Barber is officially reprimanded by City staff for vulgar behavior at council meeting. Barber was reported to have used profanity and slurs and made City employee(s) uncomfortable when he entered an employees-only control booth during a council meeting to yell at them for failing to start a PowerPoint presentation. Members of the public witnessed this inexcusable behavior.


The Santa Clara Police Department has now received 15 complaints about Caserta. A new complaint alleges indecent exposure with a minor.


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