Awards: The Best and Worst of the Week

By Robert Haugh

The Good —  The Leg Drop Award

Mayor Lisa Gillmor gets this week’s award for her one-word response to the news that disgraced former City Councilman Dominic Caserta is preparing to sue the Santa Clara Unified School District and the City of Santa Clara. We broke the story and reported that he wants $38 million. Gillmor called it “ridiculous.”  She also told KPIX’s Maria Medina “We will vigorously fight that claim.”

The Bad — The Jabroni Award

There are times when a reporter starts a story, but discovers the facts don’t support it. So a good reporter rewrites it.  Not so with Carolyn Schuk’s story about the City’s policy on using public facilities.

Schuk misreports the policy. It was created to bring the City into legal compliance. City Attorney Brian Doyle made it happen. And the City created a fund to assist nonprofits so they don’t have to pay. But that’s not in Schuk’s story. A big part of her story focuses on the Santa Clara Women’s League Showtime event having to pay big fees to the City. Then the reader learns at the end of the story, that they didn’t.  And Schuk is a Showtime volunteer. Whoops.







  1. Glad shuck got caught writing with a poison pen in hand.
    Word is she tried to get the league ladies riled up with her false info that city hall was pulling the rug out.Doomsville would do better without this charater.
    This garbage has to stop.This bad version of fake news modeled after the Enquirer is pathetic and so easy to see thru.
    Thank you for giving her and her crew a suitable award.

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