City Council Attendance Records for 2019: Mahan Has Missed 40 Percent of Meetings

By Robert Haugh

This year, the City Council has had five council meetings through March 5.

They also had two “priority setting” sessions on January 31 and February 1. Those were to set up the priorities for the year and lasted a full two days.

All Councilmembers, except one, have a perfect attendance record. They get a gold star:

  • Mayor Lisa Gillmor

  • Councilman Raj Chahal

  • Councilwoman Debi Davis

  • Councilwoman Karen Hardy*

  • Councilwoman Teresa O’Neill

  • Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe

Unfortunately, Vice Mayor Patty Mahan has missed two of the five council meetings — or 40 percent of the meetings. Mahan was absent for the last two council meetings: February 19 and March 5. At the February 5 council meeting, she left early because she wasn’t feeling well.

Mahan attended and stayed for the entire January 31 priority setting session. But she left early on February 1.

According to City sources, all council members have been paid in full for all five city council meetings.

NOTE: Hardy called into the February 19 meeting. She was out of town because her daughter was expecting a baby.  


  1. Here here…. Observing has hit the proverial nail with the right hamer. I’m not saying that cause of you agree Observing. Kiindness isn’t something Robert and his band of followers know much about. It’s much easier to bitch and complain about someone than to look at the world in their shoes. When he worked for Weekly, he wrote with empathy. Now he just seems to write with anger.

  2. Not agreeing with Mr. Harkness about the stories or reporting done in SCNO – I’m a regular and enthusiastic reader – but with that being said, I’ve heard that beside dealing with her own health issues, Ms. Mahan is also dealing with the health of family members other than herself. I don’t agree with her politics or actions on the council, but couldn’t we empathize a bit with someone who is enduring so much in her personal life? A little kindness seems warranted here.

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree. But if Ms. Mahan is having health issue and her family has issues one should take into consideration quality of life and make some decisions about public service v family. Life has too many stresses.

  3. Wow. Scintilating commentary. She’s missed 2 meetings out of 5. Stop the presses! This is anon-story…. first you report on Larry Bear and then you gripe restaurents in Santa Clara. What’s wrong? Are you that desparate for something to write about?

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