City Council Review: Supervisor Ellenberg Greeted Warmly, Cedar Fair Buys Great America Theme Park Parcels

By Robert Haugh

Newly elected Supervisor Susan Ellenberg made her debut in the Santa Clara City Council chambers. She outlined her priorities. In Santa Clara, she wants to focus on housing, childcare and early childhood education.

Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe gave Ellenberg kudos for being active in the Mission City during her first months in office. She was also seen around town a lot during last year’s campaign. She and her staff have been to lots of Santa Clara events. They’ve also touched base with neighborhood groups and Reclaiming our Downtown.

Welcome to the Mission City, Supervisor Ellenberg. And come back again.

We asked around and no one can remember the last time our County Supervisor made an appearance in the council chambers.

Great America Parcels

Council approved the sale of Great America Theme Park parcels located at 1 Great America Parkway to Cedar Fair. The price tag was $150.25 million. This is happening because the old Redevelopment Agency that owned these parcels was eliminated by state law. They have to sell these assets and divide the money between the City, the County and the school district.

Mission City POSSIBLE

The Council picked a Relay for Life team name for the American Cancer Society fundraiser. City staff gathered 14 names by reaching out to Santa Clarans on social media. “Mission City POSSIBLE” was picked by the Council.  Good name.

The relay will be held April 27-28 at Townsend Field. It’s a good event and cause.

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  1. Geez Robert. You might want to look at who your askiing and learn you get have some really bad sources.

    If you really really really watch counsel meetings, you’d might remembar someone named Ken Yeager, who was the “County Supervisor”. Ellenberg replaced him in the recent election.

    Do you remember Jerry Maralli – he was honored at a counsel meeting and Ken Yeager was there. I was there. I don’t remembar seeing you there but I do remembar speaking with Superviser Ken Yeager. If you want to learn something you can read about it

    But is it really really really needed for someone to go to a counsel meeting to show support? Yeager helped Santa Clara keep the North Side Libary and I don’t thnk he ever attended a single counsel meeting when he did.

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