Caserta Caught on Camera By Neighbor “Illegally Dumping Garbage”

By Robert Haugh

A neighbor of disgraced former Councilman Dominic Caserta is not happy with him.  Caserta was caught “illegally dumping garbage” in a dumpster that doesn’t belong to him, according to the complaint.

You can see Caserta in action in the photos below.


This is the first time Caserta has been publicly spotted since he suddenly resigned from the Council 11 months ago. He was accused of sexual harassment and assault by more than 15 of his campaign staffers and students at Santa Clara High School.


The neighbor filed a complaint with City Hall and the Police Department.  The complaint says Caserta dumped documents with names and addresses, recycled cardboard, a lamp, electrical items, and some other stuff.

According to a knowledgeable source, the complaint did not include the fact that Caserta was wearing an LA Dodgers t-shirt. (It should have.)

We don’t know if Caserta is in any trouble. (Isn’t he in enough already?)

But we want to remind everyone in the Mission City that there’s no need for illegal dumping.  Our annual clean-up campaign is April 29 – May 24.  This has been a public service announcement.





  1. Looks like Dominic should be using some of his paid leave on a gym membership and healthier food. He looks like he is training for the Coney Island hot dog eating contest.

  2. Dominic should be using some of that paid administrative leave money on a gym membership and buying healthier food. He looks like he can start for the 49ers offensive line next season! He should think of trimming down before his court date. The only suffering has been to his waistline. Alternatively, he could be training for the Coney Island hot dog eating contest this July!

  3. Atta boy, Dominic! Destroy the evidence!

    I wish I was as smart as you. But I didn’t have a dumpster near the White House. Or I would have gotten rid of the goddamn tapes.

    This shows me that you’re going places. Caserta for President 2024?

  4. It looks to me like whatever garbage he’s not tossing, he’s eating. He should trade in his Mercedes for some organic vegetables.

  5. Dominic has lost both audiences, teaching and city council. When a narcissist unravels, they can be very dangerous. Apparently family issues may be bringing him to his tipping point.

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